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4 Tips For Having A Perfect Day In Lagos



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The widely held perception among many Lagosians is that it is impossible to have a perfect day in the centre of excellence.

The reason for this is not far-fetched considering the hectic traffic, the 9am to 5pm work routine, that executive meeting fixed for 8 am and the demands of family and friends. You will think twice before accepting an invite to do anything outside your daily routine.

It is even more complicated if you have to report to work over the weekend.

In spite of this, there are various ways to have a great time in Lagos replete with excitement, fun and devoid of stress., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares tips on how you can have a perfect week in Lagos.


Arrive early at work

To escape the busy traffic in cities like AbujaPort Harcourt and Lagos, leaving for work early should be your routine. Doing this will afford you the opportunity to take a nap when you arrive at work before resumption time. It will re-energize your body and help you focus at all day.

Take short breaks

Working as though you are in a marathon is unhealthy. You may get easily worn out and exhausted. Importantly, make your break count by going to the cafeteria to munch something or hang out with your colleagues. Mini-breaks work like magic as it helps your thought process and concentration.

Reside close to your workplace

If you do not want to spend your earnings on shuttling from home to work every day, your best option is to reside in close proximity to your workplace or ‘squat’ with a friend. However, if you have a car, you can leave work late if driving at night is something you are comfortable with.

Indulge on Friday

Nearly every worker or executive looks forward to Friday. It is the first day of the weekend and an opportunity to take time off. There are many places to relax and have fun in Lagos like watching movies at Ozone, chilling with friends at Las Vegas and appreciating nature at the Lekki Conservation Centre.





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