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39-year-old father of four commits suicide in Bayelsa



Femi Otura, a 39 years old father of four committed suicide in Edepie community, Yenagoa, Bayelsa state on Wednesday December 19th.

Otura, committed suicide by drinking a poisonous substance.

The deceased who is a truck driver from Kogi state, lived with his wife, Oviezibe, an indigene of Bayelsa state who is currently nursing their fourth child.

Known for his abuse of alcohol, Otura came home drunk on the night of his death.

Neighbors were woken up by his shouts for help. Before his door could be broken down, he had already died. Beside his lifeless body was a bottle of a poisonous substance, reported.

Confirming the incident, the landlord of the apartment Philips Akpuzere, said;

“The deceased is a truck driver but recently lost his job and on this fateful day, according to the other tenants he looked very unusual and was wearing a moody countenance all day. He came back around 1:am on Tuesday morning and immediately he entered his apartment we started hearing screamings from his apartment.

We were suprised because he was the only one at home as his wife who just put to bed had gone to her mother’s place with the other children. When the screamings persisted I raised the alarm and other tenants came out to join me to forcefully open the door to the apartment where we met him already dead.

“We saw an empty bottle with some liquid besides him. We immediately call a doctor who lives in the neighborhood who came and confirmed him dead. We contacted the police who took the corpse to the morgue.”

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