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2018 Prophecies by Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse Of FANO TV



Samuel Akinbodunse
1. 2018 is a year of Divine Wealth.  Christians should purpose in their minds to work to gather wealth.
2. First Quarter of 2018 in South African Politics.  There will be a shaking.  Some people will be removed for God to carry out his agenda.
There will be a shift in the presidency. A well known will fall in order to make way  for someone else to take over.
3. Zimbabwe will encounter economic change. Investors from all around the world including South Africa will flood Zimbabwe.
All Zimbabweans should embrace embrace their current president.   God is using him to lift the nation up.  Zimbabweans in the diaspora will be returning home.
4. Christians across the globe should stand firm in Christ.  We must prepare our hearts because a lot of so called men of God who are workers of iniquity will be exposed.  Many will confess their evil deeds and this will cause some believers to backslide.
5.Donald Trump will implement policies that will bring more  biblical prophecies to pass.
We must pray against a Muslim Extremist attack targeted at America in the month between April and May.
We must pray against rally to  impeach Trump.
6. In South Africa–The ANC should make an uncompromising decisions in order to save the integrity of the party. They stand to lose major metros.
7. We must pray for a popular Christian leader in the Ukraine because he will be under severe attack.
8.2018 is a year of Harvest for Kingdom labourers.
9. We must pray against natural disasters in the following areas: Western Cape, Johannesburg, Northern Cape,  Kwazulu Natal and some parts of the Free State.
Nigeria:  Niger Delta and maiduguri
10. China should pray against an uncommon earthquake that will take 600-700 lives.
11. There will be a large arrest of evil doers against the saints and there will be peace in many lives.
12. 2018 is the year for true churches to grow at a fast rate including FANO.
13. This is the year for Christian businesses to become great.
Mighty business men and women will rise from Fano.
14. We must pray against fire blasts.
15. Great man of God from Nigeria will be called home.  He is popular worldwide.  The Lord says he has fulfilled his mandate.
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