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10 Kinds Of Men Women Should Avoid At Any Cost




Are you looking out for a new relationship or want to just date men?

You might come across somebody and hit it off nicely for a year or so, and then you begin to notice things that could make you part ways.

To avoid the pain you undergo when things go wrong, here’s a list of ten types of men you should run miles away from.

  1. The rebound shot: A man, who is fresh out of a relationship, is still lurking in the transition. At this point of time, he can be quite weak and might lean on the nearest support he can find. But that doesn’t mean that he’s really fallen for you. Although for some people it has worked, but mostly in the long run, there can be no assurance of this one coming to term.

  2. No money, honey: Understood you are not a materialistic girl, you are independent and are alright with going dutch on a date. Women don’t necessarily want a rich millionaire, but a little something can be a good thing. Even the guy would feel his dignity is safe if he can contribute some. And a man who still cannot understand this – girl, dump the moron now!

  3. ‘Ex’ factor: ‘You are good, but she was better!’ Are you still with a guy who says that? Bang your head on the nearest wall and tell him you might as well go back. He’s not yet over the ex-relationship, and somewhere he’s sulking about it. Good or bad, the experience could be anything, but the fact that he still talks about her doesn’t help in getting the current relation any better. And even if you don’t dump him, but make him realise, talk it out; and if it still doesn’t work, it’s unbelievable you are still putting up with it!

  4. ‘Ex’ out the friendly factor: Men do have a tendency to still retain a certain amount of care for the woman they once loved. So, it doesn’t make any sense for them to remain friends once it’s over. What was there once can be re-ignited in some weak moments. So, dearest men, dump the ‘ex’ as ‘friend’ and concentrate on your current love. A bird in hand is always better than two in the bush.

  5. Love at first sight: Well, it happens only in books or films. Most often, it’s just a liking or lust. But love, dearies, takes time to blossom. So, lady, if the gentleman has told you ‘I Love You’ a bit too soon, hold your horses and don’t jump into taking yet another big step.

  6. ‘The world is hard on me’: No darling, you are just a selfish man who has taken certain wrong decisions perhaps, but doesn’t want to admit it. Yes, you just said ‘no’, but deep down you know it’s a ‘yes’! Unaccountable, selfish or plain immature, grow up or stop pulling the other person down with you by blaming the world or her for your problems, lest she decides to move the ‘problem’ away from your life.

  7. Can’t take ‘no’ for an answer: Even if it’s just gaining control over the remote. Read the key words ‘gaining control’ and get the hint. If you are ready to be a doormat, and are happy with it, man your relation is going to last a historical era! But if you are a person who commands respect, there are better people out there who give you that. Let Hitler be, you don’t have to become his Nazi army.

  8. Mr. Richie Rich: The poor little rich guy, if he shows off a lot of moolah, either he’s going to run out of it or, well, just keep believing that ‘love can be bought’! And if you’re the guy who’s lying about it, you’re hurting your chances of having a real relationship as the facade will eventually come back to bite you.

  9. Momma’s boy: Better stay in momma’s lap! If your guy can’t move a nerve without ‘mom’s consent’, you better move yourself away from him. Why? Because you don’t know if she’s anything like Jane Fonda in Monster-in-law, baby you are not necessarily Jennifer Lopez!

  10. Dad’s the financier: If the guy is still living with his parents despite being all but 25 years of age, are you still going to live with him? The first thing he should do is get a job! If he cannot do that, he’s be dependant on dad, or you! And if you cannot pay his bills, ‘you are a no-good girlfriend’ is all you’ll hear from him!

– Times of India


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