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Tuesday , 26 March 2019
Home » News » How I Escaped Death, BBA’s K Brule
BBA's K Brule

How I Escaped Death, BBA’s K Brule

Big Brother Naija contestant, K Brule, has revealed how he escaped death in a ghastly motor accident.


K Brule, who was part of the BBN  season 3 revealed after regaining consciousness in an hospital that the accident happened in the early hours of Sunday, November 4.
The guy who is lucky to be alive revealed his car experienced a blowout and in a bid to stop the car he instinctively applied his brakes leading the car to skid out of control.
While appreciating God for being alive, he revealed that with the car having skidded, it somersaulted and was struck by another vehicle before stopping.




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K Brule became unconscious and was rushed to the hospital where he has now regained consciousness. He said “no lives were lost but both vehicles are total write-offs.



Sharing an account of the incident n social media, K Brule wrote


On Sunday morning the 4th November at around 6am my car experienced a blowout instinctively causing me to apply the brakes, which is the last thing I remember.

Eye witnesses say my vehicle spun out and somersaulted over a road divide into oncoming traffic where I was struck by another vehicle causing my car to flip multiple times back across the road divide. Luckily no lives where lost but both vehicles are total write offs.
I praise & thank God for being faithful & sparing our lives. Due to the nature of the crash the blame falls on me. & I have no idea how I will pay the damages and hospital bills for the other party as I’m currently owing my own hospital but at least I’m alive to worry about these things ?
please keep me in your prayers during these trying times. I may be hard to reach for a while as my phones were destroyed in the crash.
#PrayForKbrule #thankGodforlife #NotTodaySatan
Pslam 91:3 ??????
God is faithful



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