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Women’s Right: South African Nicole Siyo Slams Nigeria



Nicola Siyo

There is no doubt that Nigeria has been at the receiving end of criticisms for corruption reasons.

The latest attack is, however, based on criticisms for a lack of women’s right.

The latest criticism is coming from Ubi Franklin’s baby mama, South African, Nicola Siyo.

Siyo who spent two years in Nigeria while working and dating Franklin emphasised the lack of women’s right in Nigeria, while reacting to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Instagram post on International Women’s Day.

The Nigerian author wrote about how women are judged and treated differently because of their gender and Nicola endorsed the message.

Reacting to Chinamanda, Siyo wrote: “I understand exactly where she is coming from. I spent 2 years in her Homeland Nigeria, sickening the lack of women’s rights. You are called all sorts of names because you stand for your name… as a woman.”

"I spent 2 years in Nigeria. The lack of Women


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