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When Will Davido Call His Dogs To Order?




Complains of Davido’s boys getting violent either at parties, clubs or shows is becoming too regular.

Sometime ago, the talk of how the singer’s crew stabbed a bouncer at a club was the talking point. As if that was not bad enough, gist of how his boys got unruly and threatened Wizkid in a show in Dubai surfaced. If that was all a showoff to promote his 30 Billion concert, what you are about to read is not.

One of Davido’s boys reportedly caused commotion on Thursday, January 11 at the arrival section of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

According to available information “Kayode” beat up an official at the airport when asked to produce his baggage tags at the airport.

As if that was not bad enough, Kayode who seemed to have assume the position of Davido’s Chief Security Officer (CSO), also beat up officials of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Aviation Security (AVSEC), a department under the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and a staff of Checkport over an attempt to check the tags on the luggage of Davido on an Emirates flight.

Davido?s crew members allegedly attack customs, baggage check officials at Lagos airport

Interestingly, Kayode wouldn’t have tried beating any airport official in another country, but because he works for Davido, he went on a spree beating whoever asked questions about the bags Davido brought back to the country.

Davido and his crew arrived Nigeria through an Emirates flight around 5pm with 17 checked luggage which his aides refused to allow the officials of the Checkport verify with the attached tags. Kayode, insisted that he would not allow the official verify the luggage. This led to an argument which soon turned physical. Kayode punched the Checkport staff on the face, which attracted other security officials at the terminal who immediately attempted to arrest the aide.

Kayode resisted arrest and fought another airport staff at the baggage claim area. Things soon spiraled out of control so the security officials mobilized and forced him to a restricted area within the terminal known as Tango City – where unruly persons are detained within the terminal before being transferred to a police station.

At Tango City, Kayode allegedly hit a female AVSEC official on the stomach as she was taking notes of the incident. He later pushed another Customs personnel who fell and cut his wrist in the industrial fan in the area.

Davido?s crew members allegedly attack customs, baggage check officials at Lagos airport

It is even shameful that Davido witnessed the whole scene, but opted to remain in the car while the issue was sorted.


One is forced to ask what the real content of the bags being protected by Kayode contained. Were there drugs in the car or money which the singer wanted to smuggle into the country? Whatever was in the bag, the need for Davido to call his dogs to order is very necessary.


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