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Why I Dumped Nokia For iPhone-Billionaire Femi Otedola



Femi Otedola

Change is the only thing that is constant in life and billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola has finally accepted this.

Not known to be tech savvy, Otedola has been known with his old Nokia phones for year.

While other businessmen used expensive phones he simply remained loyal to Nokia, and many insisted that it was because they are reliable and they had a longer lasting battery.

Femi Otedola reveals why he replaced his old Nokia phones for iPhones

After several years, Otedola has given up. He has bowed to the pressure of innovation, as he has changed his phones from the Nokia we used to know to the more modern and befitting iPhone.

In a post on social media, he explained his decision to change is for as thus “If you can’t beat them, you join them.”  Welcome to the age of iPhone.

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