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Why Fighting Davido Doesn’t Make Burna Boy A Bigger Artiste By Femi Oyewale



Of a truth, the alleged fight between Davidoand Burna Boy in far away Ghana is uncalled for and should be labelled national disgrace. The reason is not unconnected to the fact that they are both ambassadors of this great country known as Nigeria, also coupled with the fact that Ghanaians see Nigerians as ill mannered and corrupt citizens.

Interestingly, The fight between the two entertainment gladiators is an embarrassment to the entertainment industry.  Truth be told, based on the eyewitness reports on social media, Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, known professionally as Burna Boy has no moral right to attack David Adedeji Adeleke widely known as Davido.
A school of thought believed that envy, jealousy could be responsible for the beef between them.  If that’s the case, I strongly recommend that Burna boy’s management should tell him the truth that just like heaven is far from the earth, Davido, by all standards is more successful and popular than him. Thus, no reason for alleged beef between them.
A quick check on the top 10 list of richest entertainers in 2020 placed davido’s worth about $40m and Burna Boy around $17. Arguably, Wizkid and Davido rank in the top two.
Aside that, in terms of popularity, Davido has more followers than Burna Boy. On IG alone, Davido has over 18.7m followers while Burna Boy clinches 5.9m collowers. That means Davido’s believers in his ministry tripled Burna Boy’s own.
The beef allegedly began in the autumn of 2019, when Burna Boy was nominated for a Grammy award for Best World Music Album for ‘African Giant’. Glimpses of a fued were not evident yet since Davido congratulated his friend for his nomination.
Fast forward to after the Grammy’s, where Burna Boy lost out to Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo, and he became quiet on social media for a while.
His return to the online world was marked by his now-deleted reply to a Twitter user claiming that Burna Boy had his success handed to him.
In summary, Burna Boy hit back at the hater saying that no one paved the way for him and subtly fired shots at his peers that no one in his industry cared. Many Twitter users agreed saying that he is a trailblazer in his own right and there was no clarification on who Burna Boy was directing his tweets at specifically.
Three months later, Davido announces the release of his new album at the start of May, A Better Time, which was set to arrive in July 2020. The first glimpse of beef happened when Burna Boy posted a black screen with the message, “JULY will be very funny, and I shall laugh accordingly” on social media, suggesting to his fans that he will be ridiculing Davido’s new album.
After the post, Davido tweeted an edited photo of him and fellow Nigerian singer Wizkid, captioned “The 2 greatest of all time! No cap.
 In response, Burna Boy questioned Davido’s success by claiming that he owes his achievements to his billionaire father. The message still did not mention Davido by name: “you cannot play football, everybody knows you cannot play football and you are an embarrassment to the team. But your daddy bought the football team”.
Fans believed that Burna Boy’s song ‘Way Too Big’ from his August 2020 album ‘Twice as Tall’ was directed at Davido with the lyrics, “I’m way too big to be f***ing with you”. Diss tracks and subtle messages are common in the music world when there is beef , such as the feud between Stormzy and Wiley.
In his track ‘FEM’ which is Yoruba slang for ‘shut up’, Davido addresses Burna Boy directly in the line, “Tell Odogwu says we like to party just call me…” – ‘Odogwu’ and ‘Like to Party’ are both names of a Burna Boy song.
Since then, there has not been much from either musicians but the latest video showing the two apparently shouting at each other while leaving the club has sparked news that they are still on bad terms.
Congrats @burnaboy … 🏆… you deserve more then a NOM .. 🖤
— Davido (@davido) November 20, 2019
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