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Why Artists, Record Label Often Fight-Rayce



Singer, Rayce has revealed the reason why record labels and artists often have misunderstandings.
Rayce is of the opinion that most of the fight between the labels and artists is as a result of impatience.
Speaking in a chat with Klieglight, the artist said “it is not easy to put your money on somebody and not get result, but reality has to be faced. We have heard of companies that brought out a million Dollars to promote an artist, they are not stupid. You can’t say because an artist has done one, two or three singles and he has not blown he should move on from the label. I am speaking for the artists because I know what I am saying. If the artists does two singles and they are not a hit so what? Do you know if the next one he is going to do will be the hit?”

Rayce stated that if the artists and record label reason together and understand themselves, there might be an exit route that will benefit both parties. According to him, the inability of labels and artists to settle down and think out an amicable way is always the cause of the fighting.

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