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When Tonye Cole Joined Class Of 50



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Tonye Cole with wife, Sylvia

In a period when society parties have become far and in between, Tonye Cole recently threw a classy shindig.
The amiable co-owner of Sahara Energy recently clocked 50 years and rolled out the drums to celebrate.
A classy celebration, which held at Oriental Hotel, Lagos saw the presence of the crème de la crème of the society and captain of industries, as they made merry with Cole, his family and friends.
An assortment of drinks, dishes and gaily dressed men and women made a beautiful sight at the event which has been the talk of time for a while now.
No doubt, it has been a worthy five decades for Cole who couldn’t hide a grin of fulfillment which kept surfacing on his face, as he appreciated guests present at the event.

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