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When Corporate Egghead, Charles Aigbe Celebrated



A compendium of elitist corporate communications players in Nigeria is incomplete without sociable Charles Aigbe on it.

Indeed, any such compilation will only be accorded a side glance of irrelevance if the listing is otherwise.

Aigbe, a leading player in the industry didn’t cut his proverbial teeth yesterday, as he has always been around, breaking bounds and mending broken and fallen fences.

At the United Bank for Africa (UBA), Aigbe worked wonders, turning the department around before moving to his current employment with Fidelity Bank, where along with his team he has been performing wonders.

A conceptualiser and executioner, his exploits and legacies in several corporate organisations where he worked remains a point of reference, as the relationships built subsist till date.

It was this goodwill that recently saw loads of prayers and positive comments coming his way when he recently celebrated his birthday.

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