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We Are Stranded Here, We Need Help, Majek Fashek’s Manager Begs




“Rain Maker”, Majek Fashek, has been hospitalised in a London hospital.

According to his manager, Uzoma Omenka,  he was hispitalised for undifferentiated-type schizophrenia.

Detailing the music legend’s sickness, Omenka said that Majek was flown out of Nigeria on August 24 after he was diagnosed with the illness.

“Majek was briefly on admission at Lagos hospital before he was flown abroad. We spend a lot of money every day to keep him alive. I have approached the Nigerian embassy here but they abandoned us to our fate. Majek has not eaten in days and the only food he can eat has to be specially prepared.

“The truth is, we are stranded here. We are in great debt and we need help urgently if we don’t want this icon to die,” Omenka said.

Majek who is known for several hits songs has been battling alcohol addiction for years.

In the past, the musician has been quoted to have said that his problem is spiritual.

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