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War of words: Between Abuja Promoter Ejiro Okhipwo and Ruggedman




The last has not been heard of the exchange between Ruggedman and the promoter of Abuja Most Beautiful Girl, Ejiro Okhipwo.


The drama between the two started with the artiste sharing a bitter experience he had with Okhipwo, calling him a fraudster and a trickster. He wondered why he always wants to help but ends up with people who take advantage of him and repay his good with evil.



However, in a swift response Okhipwo has come out to say that he intends suing Ruggedman for libel and defamation of character, describing him as an artiste who has lost audience appeal.

In Okhipwo’s words, “Ruggedman failed to heed to our earlier agreement with him.”
He went further to say that it’s amazing the way Ruggedman misbehaved concluding that his behaviour must have led to his fight with 9ice.
The duo of Ruggedman and Okhipwo, met months back at an event and the artiste had agreed to make an appearance at his Saturday, October 26, event in Abuja for an honourarium of N100, 000. 00.
However, the relationship between the two went sour, when Ruggedman alleged that the promoter refused to pay up even after the show.

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