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Turaki Adamawa, Atiku Abubakar Lends A Helping Hand



Those who know Atiku Abubakar, the Turaki Adamawa and Zege Mule U Tiv well enough would attest to his nature of giving.

An easy soul, a cheerful and humorous man, a good husband according to his wives and indeed a lovely father.

In times past, Abubakar, now jokingly called Turaki Nigeria, has been of help to many in need. His core concerns have been in areas of governance, increasing human welfare especially among the poor, and providing education for needy Nigerians both home and abroad via scholarship. These are interests Abubakar has been able to contribute his own quota to via his philanthropy.

Deep pocket, a jolly man, no wonder a lot of people have insisted that his attempt at becoming the President of Nigeria is not for selfish reasons after all.

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In the wake of the Benue State flooding, there have been hues and cries with a lot of people gnashing their tooth. At least, 10,000 people have been displaced lacking shelter and basic necessities of life.

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Lost properties have been estimated to be worth millions of Naira. However, while the owners of these properties are still seeking a safe place to keep their head, very few people have been lending hands of assistance.

In the typical manner of Nigerians, there have been those whose main business is to criticize the government and naturally they have been at work.

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Of course, it is not their fault, as the government has hardly been proactive. Being proactive exceeds simply sending emergency worker to the site. This position having been established, it is also natural to also ask what the so-called billionaires of Nigeria have been able to do to help their brothers and sisters in need. Where are the Mohammed Indimi of this world, where is Ibrahim Babangida, Sayu Dantata or even Abdulsamad Rabiu. These made men who could readily make donations without feeling the pains. Or is it that Benue State is not core north?

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The only northern man who has proved that he is indeed his brother’s keep is Abubakar. In the wake of the natural disaster blamed on climate change he showed his love for the welfare of his brothers and sisters dolling out N 5 million Naira to the flood victims. While it might be a paltry sum, such scantily donations coming from other well-meaning Nigerians would also help and if not make the pains of the people of Benue State pass swiftly at least cushion some effect.



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Niyi Makanjuola’s New Headache




The saying that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t seem to apply to Niyi Makanjuola.


For him, it appears that as he searches for the light supposedly at the end of the tunnel, he finds more darkness.

Indeed, the colourful and widely celebrated dream of taking the services of one of his companies to neighbouring African countries has now been extinguished.

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This is as a result of the unceremonious resting of Visionscape, a budding business interest which was supposed to be Makanjuola’s latest subsidiary.


Since the resting of the company, its assets have also been silent taken over by the Lagos State government. The recent publication of Visionscape as one of the several companies that has refused to pay taxes to the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), is a new headache for Makanjuola.

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That the FIRS boss, Fowler was recently queried for the shortfall in taxes anticipated by the Federal Government will see the taxman coming for Makanjuola with some aggression.

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Scissor Reality Show Debut For Young Fashion Entrepreneurs In Nigeria



Scissor Reality Show

The Nigerian TV viewers and Fashion scenes are about to witness unprecedented action as the Africa Content Powerhouse, Digital Interactive Media, DIM producer of several award-winning reality shows like the most-watched reality show, Next Movie Star; the emotional captivating Supermom Reality Show; behavioral change advocacy drama, Mama Bomboy ; among others has announced the debut of the Scissors Reality Show with the main objective of promoting creativities among young fashion entrepreneurs in Nigeria, where viewers will be thrilled with Designs, Suspense and Showcase of Style Nigeria/Africa has to offer.

Scissor Reality Show

SCISSORS is a World Class Fashion, Style & Entrepreneurship Reality TV Show. An explosion and exploration of latent talents. A celebration of Youthfulness, Creativity, Hard /Smart work, Freshness and a Break from the Norm in the fashion value chain.

Giving the background into the idea of the Scissors Reality Show, The CEO of Digital Interactive Media, DIM, Mr. Sola Fajobi said, “Back in the days, the fashion industry was seen to be dominated by the uneducated. People who had failed in school were pushed by parents or guardians to learn a skill from tailoring to hairdressing, welding, and even auto-mechanics”.

“In the immediate recent past, fashion designing has moved away from such perception. Now we have University Graduates, Entrepreneurs, Top Corporate Players and other highly Educated and Experienced People holding sway in the fashion industry value chain. From Mudi to Dakova, Vivid Imaginations and Ethelberts amongst others. The fashion business has evolved.

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In recent years we see young educated, trendy, savvy, ambitious, creative entrepreneurs who are changing the game in the fashion business. Thus, the new generation stakeholder in the fashion value chain must be creative, disciplined, digitally savvy, trendy, showy, and business-minded”, he concluded.

The Scissors is set to create an ultimate fashion experience, where the most promising and talented fashionista from Fashion Stylist, Tailors and Models will showcase the latest fashion trends and products to a large and diverse audience of consumers, fashion aficionados and industry professionals.

According to Sola Fajobi, the producer of the show, Scissors is a platform on the quest for the new digital fashion is design to seek, discover and promote hidden talents in the fashion industry.

With World Class Production, The Best of Aesthetics, A Marriage of African Culture with Contemporary Styles. We are Showcasing the Most Youthful, Stylish and Fashionable Designers in Nigeria to the World. By the end of the show, we would have engaged the minds of participants towards endless creative opportunities, and served as a brand recall to made in Nigeria wears and products. The Most Outstanding Performers will leave the Show with a Fully Set Up Multi-Million Business Empire.


The show will have Eight Teams, each made up of four members: a stylist, a fashion designer, a male and a female model. Teams will be paired to do battle, one against the other, in the quest to win a spot in the creative world of patterns and craft.

It will be 42 days of an Exciting and Engaging Show, Broadcast for 30mins Daily, with One Hour Omnibus show on Saturdays and Sundays on leading Terrestrial & Cable TV Stations in Nigeria and Across Africa. The Production will be Shot by a Multi-National & World Class Production Crew using the latest Production Equipment’s and Technology.

One Mansion with Residences, Lounges, Sitting Rooms, Kitchen, Styling & Design Room, Runway by the Seaside, Makeup & Costume Parlor, Judges Lounge, Interview Room, Props Room, and The Main Lounge for all the tasks. The Show will highlight the Lifestyle of the Contestants, Special Tasks [On Site & Off Site], The Pressure of Work, The Creative Process, The Production Process and loads of Entertainment.

N20m worth of Prizes on Offer for Winning Teams. This comes in Cash, Equipment, Business Set Up e.t.c.

It is free for participants across Nigeria. To Apply, Log on and follow our social media pages @ngscissors on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Femi Otedola Announces Next Big Deal




Things have always fallen in the right places for Femi Otedola.

Except for some years ago when he had to sell of some investment to settle a loan, Otedola’s business decisions has been profit-oriented.

Having sold his 75 per cent stake in Forte Oil in June, Otedola moved to the power sector, investing over $250 million into Geregu Power Plant, acquiring several power generation machines.

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Despite his already registered success with Geregu Power Plant, Otedola announced that he still has other irons in the fire, as he recently announced another big deal waiting in the corner.

According to the billionaire businessman, he would be striking his biggest deal ever soon.

In a message he dropped on Instagram on Thursday,  August 22, the philanthropist said he was set to hit his ‘biggest’ business deal, an indication he would be announcing his new investment deal in days.

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“Set to strike my biggest deal ever,” Otedola said.

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