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Like Ademola Adeleke, Like Atiku Abubakar?



Ademola Adeleke The Octopus News


Senator Ademola Adeleke, the younger brother of late Isiaka Adeleke was heavily criticised when he defected from All Progressive Congress (APC), to Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).


However, his action was what was necessary to ensure that he had an ace and emerge the winner of his senatorial district. It was also a move which was supposed to ensure that he successfully replaced his late brother in the Senate.


A similar path to an unexpected success might just be what is in the offing for Turaki of Adamawa, Atiku Abubakar.


Currently a member of the ruling party APC,  the PDP chapter in Adamawa State hopes to bring back the erstwhile Vice President to the fold he once belonged to before he defected in 2014.


Known for his ambition to become the President of Nigeria, followers of Turaki are already speculating on the likelihood that his fortune would be like that of the new Senator Adeleke.









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