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Tribute To A Peculiar Giant, His Royal Highness; Late Oba Rev.(Dr) Stephen Ajayi Olanrewaju, Oba Of Ipao Ekiti




All tributes may have to be less validated,if I fail to give this paenageric eulogy to the iconic and heroic servant of God,who dedicated his entire life for God and humanity.

Late Oba Stephen Ajayi Olanrewaju


Dad, I remember that,our relationship started out on a professional footings,but has since transcended profession,to family ties.

All these years, I have looked up to you as a father. I sought your advice on many issues.

Your words to me,as to many others,are words of comfort to the soul anytime in distress. I am greatly honoured that I am part of your family!

In the family, you were a father to all, you were so much concerned about our progress and success. You were always ever ready,to listen to each and everyone, and you led us through the right path with your wise counsels.

I write with deep sadness and the awareness of the magnitude of my loss. Baba, your passing has left a tremendous vacuum in my life.

Sincerely, Oba Stephen Ajayi Olanrewaju, you remain an epitome of professionalism, competence and a force to reckon with. Your crave and quest for excellence has left in me unquenchable thirst,and your tenacity remains indelible.

It is worthy of note that, your desire for academic excellence pushed you above board. Little wonder you left a place of apprenticeship,to sponsor your own education in the 1960s. This part of your life has always challenged us,to aspire for greatness no matter the obstacles.

His Royal Highness Obanla Of Ipao Ekiti. I’m proud and confident that,you memories will remain evergreen in the hearts of all and sundry, whenever history is being told.

As far back as the 1970s, your life exude leadership fascinations. You were a man of goodwill. You stood out wherever you were.

You were loving, caring, and kind-hearted to everyone. At no point did you discriminate against any individual or group within or outside your community.

My father,you respected differences in political,religious or social leanings. This must be a reason it didn’t stress you give your all to the service of God and the love for humanity.

Your biography is such an endearing one, portraying a life of love and sacrifice. You sacrificed your own comfort and progress in the 80s,just to ensure your family get a good taste of life. It’s through this demonstration that you ensure you enrolled for a degree at age 52, for a theological course in Glasgow, Scotland.

Without mincing word, as one of your adopted daughter, I’m very proud of your records and tenure,as the Royal Highness; Obanla of Ipao Ekiti State in Nigeria.

During your reigns, you guaranteed the welfare of the poor, the disadvantaged and the underprivileged,by providing adequate welfare and health services.

Your love and passion for education speaks for itself. This is evident in your numerous sacrifices and benevolent acts of giving.

Baba,your selfless service to the people of Ipao Ekiti is absolutely an act of humanity devoid of any oita of religiosity and pretence.

The body Christ, particularly the Christ’s Apostolic Church fold would greatly miss you.

A man who on many occasions singlehandedly established Churches in Nigeria and abroad,just to see to the advancement of Christ’s kingdom,and to ensure lives are touched. CAC- Gilgal (Ile-Ife,Germany,London etc) are part of the assemblies to your name and selfless service to Christ’s kingdom.

As far as I’m pretty concerned,words cannot adequately describe the nature, character, legacy and lesson left behind by this illustrious son, clergy and king of Ipao Ekiti Town.

In all your life,you displayed strong leadership/ kingship traits. You were an epitome of service and sacrifice, a caring, trustworthy, transparent King and a grassroot mobiliser.

Lastly, in remembrance of what formed part of your guiding principles,I like to say that, the measure of a life well-lived,is not in how much money one has,or what possessions he has accumulated, but rather,through the lives he touched and the legacy he leaves behind.

The entire people of Ipao and Ekiti State as a whole will greatly miss you,Baba.

Therefore,on this note, I commiserate with Oba Olanrewaju’s family and the entire indigenes of Ipao Ekiti Town, over the death/ departure of His Royal Highness Obanla of Ipao Ekiti. Rev. (Dr.) Stephen Ajayi Olanrewaju, and I urge you to kindly accept death as inevitable.

Once again, please accept my condolences on the loss of this visionary and charismatic leader of the people!

Mrs Olubunmi Ojo Afolabi
Founder DREAMFO Widows/Widowers International.

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