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Ope Banwo Unveils New Book On Artificial Intelligence, Chatgpt



Immigration lawyer and Gistmaster at Gisthouse, Dr. Ope Banwo has unveiled his latest book.

Titled ‘CHATGPT Business Goldmines’, it’s a compilation and analysis of 20 profitable businesses anyone can start In seven days or less, using CHATGPT, with no money, and zero experience.

Speaking on the book, Dr. Banwo said; “CHATGPT Business Goldmines tells you the businesses you can start with CHATGPT; how to get them started; how to prompt CHATGPT to create it; how to market each of the businesses and where to market them for profits.

“For those who want to know how to monetize ChatGPT early, this is a must-have book,” Banwo noted.

Other books published by Dr. Banwo includes ‘The Prodigal Son, Overcoming The Gideon Complex’, ‘United Kingdom Visas Without Tears’, ‘Hausa-Fulani Concoctions: The Legendary All-Natural Recipes Of The Hausa-Fulani Peoples Of Northern Nigeria, Africa’, ‘The Blessings Of Adversity’, ‘The 12 Commandments Of Internet Marketing’ among several others.

‘CHATGPT Business Goldmines’ is currently selling on various online platforms including

It can be easily purchased with the Naira Card here:

Members of Gisthouse can also get the book here with 70% OFF using the discount code Gisthouse70:

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