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Toyin Abraham Thank Fans, Reach Out To Mercy Aigbe



The last six months and the three months preceding it have been nothing short of fantastic. Yesterday, I got the new figure for The Ghost and the Tout and I almost cried. Not only have we sold more than the highest selling Nollywood movie this year, we have sold more than the highest selling movie this year by over 11Million Naira. I’m overwhelmed and grateful for loyal fans, good support-system, individuals and institutions that keep believing in me.
Over the weekend, I was in Ilorin Cinema with the First Lady of Kwara State. Officials of the mall and the manager of VIVA Cinemas where we went to do “meet and greet” for my movie ‘The Ghost and The Tout’ confirmed to me that the turnout of crowd was unprecedented in the history of the establishment.
Few months ago, I was in Agege, Mushin, Sango and Lagos Island for Nasco Cornflakes and the manager of the Agency handling Nasco campaign also confirmed that the turnout was unprecedented since they had been doing activation. Last quarter, I was in Kebbi. The turnout of my fans in the far North was unbelievably huge.
The love is real and it’s almost like I don’t deserve it. I’m grateful for the show of love and support, I don’t take it for granted.
Few weeks ago, one of the top players in the Nigerian economic space reached out to me personally to commend me for a job well done in The  Ghost and The Tout.  Details of our discussion is not for now. My point is, it has been a good six months or to put it better, it’s been a good nine months.
Toyin Titans, fans and the public generally, I do not know what I did to deserve this. I have had people accuse me of having fake fans, having fake accounts, and faking love, I really wish those people are smart enough to know the meaning of fake because the crowd in Kebbi, Kwara, Abuja, Mushin, Sango, Agege, and Island must be the new definition of Fake.
About 50,000 people that have seen The Ghost And The Tout are perhaps fake as well and over 12 cinema movies that I have appeared in–with 6 of them going on to be blockbusters–are perhaps also fake.
Now, we want to show them more fake by being the second woman in the history of Nollywood to have two blockbusters in a year as Seven And A Half Date hits Cinemas August 3rd, (Fams, trust me you will like this one).
If the life I am living now is what fake is all about, please leave me to it. It’s my fake, not yours.
When I was in the pit with some of these people, all of them loved me.
I was the sweetest Angel they have ever met. Immediately I decided to leave the pit to something greater, I became the demon with fake love and fake accounts (May God deliver us from friends who love us butdon’t want us to succeed or rise above a certain level of mediocrity).
For the record, it is the people who benefit from the “mediocrity” that don’t want you to leave the “mediocrity” behind. As for me, I’m not going back to pettiness and small mindedness that have made it difficult for some people to get attention except they mention my name. May God continue to make us the reason why some people shine in life.
Asides “Seven And A Half Dates” coming on August 3rd (Please, don’t forget that date, let’s repeat success), I will be making an announcement for two major things later this year, (man shall not live by movies alone).  There’s more we can do with our lives than rant on Instagram. Remember, when they go low, we go high.
I am a product of grace. Even in my deepest moments of “mess-up” and deepest hole of hell, God found me and gave me a second chance and aligned my path with grace. Do I mess up sometimes? Yes. Like the Mercy Aigbe slip, it was an error in judgment on my part. I was wrong and way out of line. I’ve since reached out to Mercy and we have sorted our differences. Yesterday, we still had cause to communicate.
I want to thank Toyin Titans for being passionate about the brand even though some of them are quite over-zealous. (LOL) Please, take it easy o. Let’s have more people go watch the movie as it’s still in Cinemas six weeks after release.
All the Cinemas that have supported this movie, I am grateful. The 12movie producers who have featured me in their works, I am grateful,
All the Cinemas that have kept my movie for six weeks, Filmhouse, Silverbird, Viva, Ozone, Kada, thank you for being part of the supposedly ‘’fake movement’’.
Filmhouse and Filmone, you guys have been amazing, Thank you.
BBB Media, thank you. Prestige Platform, thank you. Samuel Olatunji (BIgsam) Great guy, thank you.
All the corporate organizations that have chosen to work with me, thank you. If the last six months have been amazing, the experiences of the next six months will be out of this world.
I want to thank the Lagos State Government for trusting me as a host of Lagos Street Carnival and One Lagos Fiesta in December 2017. Thank You.
To the purveyors of bad news about me, keep waiting, God’s got a lot of things up His sleeves for me this year. To the Bloggers–professionals and non-professionals– help us report that Seven And A Half Dates is coming on August 3rd .
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