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The Travails Of Yemi Osinbajo



Yemi Osinbaj

A pawn cannot assume the importance of a King either can it play the role of a Queen.

This is one fact which every good Chess player knows.

However, not all men are Chess players, also not all men are good at the game which preaches the art of anticipation and defence.

The present travail of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo amidst speculations of impeachment has shown that he is not a man with a mastery of the art of the game.

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Once the most favoured right-hand man of President Muhammadu Buhari, things have since changed, as Osinbajo is currently swimming in murky and unpalatable waters.

An allegation of a whooping N33bn fraud which occurred in the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) while he acted as President in 2007 has seen the man’s integrity being questioned.

That a similar, but unsubstantiated allegation had trailed him when his firm was linked to a N100 billion Alpha Beta scam has not helped the man who is the Pastor In Charge of the Lagos Province 48 of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

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Amidst tribulations, a lot of men have bounced back and blazed trails despite initially appearing to be sinking. If Osinbajo will join the list or be shown the way out from his current office remains to be seen.

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Iru Kingdom: The End of A Dominating Dynasty



By Sunmonu Ayodele

“It was Martin Luther King, Jr. who said that History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people. One of the appealing importance of history in society is that it helps to put things straight by providing facts and figures to occurrences. But how can citizens make better decisions without information? Without knowledge of our past and the intricacies of culture, we are oblivion of the secrets of state crafts and become bound by the mistakes of the past.

The demise of the late Oniru of Iru land, Oba Abiodun Idowu Oniru, has brought about a vacuum in the highly coveted royal seat in the city of aquatic splendor. This season presents a window of opportunity to educate the good people of Lagos about the state and its rich cultural heritage.

It’s important to note that there are only three Ruling Houses recognized by the Customary Law Regulation Selection to the Oniru Chieftaincy of 14th September 1993, approved under the leadership of the late Former Governor, Sir Michael Agbolade Otedola.

The Ruling Houses include Abisogun, Akiogun, and Ogunyemi.

Oba Abiodun Idowu Oniru: dies aged 82

The said Declaration leaves no space for second-guessing or any lacuna of some sort as it clearly states the number of Ruling Houses, the approved rotation and the procedure to be followed in the nomination of the candidates by the Local Government Authority.

It is rather unfortunate that many Lagosians have been misled to believe that the Akiogun is the only Ruling House in the Oniru Kingdom owing to the fact that the Akiogun family has ruled for a stretch of about 72 years.

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Upon the demise of 13th Oba of Oniru, Oba Yesufu Abiodun from the Akiogun Ruling House, who reigned for 48 years between 1936 and 1984, it was the turn of the Ogunyemi Ruling House to produce the candidate to the stool of Oba of Oniru by all standards. But for some reason, the Ogunyemi Ruling House declined and ceded their right to the Akiogun family. This was why the immediate past monarch, the 14th Oba of Oniru, Late Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru from the same Akiogun Ruling House got nominated and selected as the Oba Oniru. He reigned from 1995 to 2019 until his death last September at the age of 82.

In all ramifications, history has been fair and kind to the Akiogun Ruling House, and this honestly shouldn’t be taken too far so they don’t annoy the gods and the collective sensibility of the good people of Lagos.

According to the rotation, it is actually no brainer that it’s time for the Abisogun Ruling House to step to the throne of their forefathers. It would have been a different ball game entirely if the Abisoguns accept that the Akiogun family continues with the reign. In the absence of such agreement, it is important that we preserve the integrity of our traditional institutions and not distort history due to the chase for power or affluence which is transient.

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However, the four branches that make up the Abisogun Ruling Family namely, Omowunmi, Omishade, Oresanya, and Ewumi branches have stood up to say that enough is enough! They presented a candidate as the family choice at the recently concluded elections, where Mr. Hakeem Oriyomi Ajasa of the Ewumi branch of the Abisogun Ruling House emerged as the winner to fill the vacant stool of the Oba Oniru of Iruland.

The family has agreed according to a recent publication signed by the Head of the Abisogun family, Chief Bilinminu Sanni Abisogun, that Mr. Hakeem Ajasa will spearhead the “otoge movement” which would lead to the end of a dominating dynasty. The elections, which had credible pillars of the family come together help to set the record straight even as Lagosians look forward to a new king.

It is instructive that the Lagos State Government, through the Ministry of Education takes a cue from this anomaly to make sustainable efforts to sensitize Lagosians with the basic history of Lagos state. It won’t only help to put things straight; it will also go a long way in ensuring that the future generations who school and live in Lagos are thoroughly educated and equipped for leadership.

It is undeserving that any of the Ruling House is willing to ride to the throne on fake news, and misinformation, largely as a result of the ignorance of the good people of Lagos. Unprofessional publications filled with lies, tantrums, and balderdash are not supposed to be emanating from a Ruling House known for prestige and royalty.

-Sunmonu Ayodele, wrote in from Ajah.


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Shina Peller Actualising Secret Dream



Shina Peller


No ambition is too big for a man who is in the habit of dreaming big. Ask fair-complexioned socialite and politician, Shina Peller, and he would accede to this position.

Once a night owl, Peller dreamt of a fun spot to meet his midnight cravings and ended up in a club ownership partnership with Biola Adegoke before launching his personally owned and self-styled club, Club Quilox.

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Satisfied with his achievement, he still harboured a secret plan to build another Club Quilox in Abuja.

That dream which is older than his political career is now gradually, but surely materialising.

Associates of the young politician are talking of a classy watering hole for night owls, elite and deep pocket residents of Abuja.

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A club which share several similarities with the first Club Quilox, one name which has been linked to its ownership is Peller.



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Joyful Breather For Bukola Saraki



Joyful Breather

Fate has been hardly fair to Bukola Saraki in recent times.

Once the third most important man in the country; Saraki’s influence extended to his state, Kwara State; however, that was all before he was ousted by Senator Ibrahim Oloriegbe as Senator representing Kwara Central in the Senate.

Since then, it has from one challenge to the other. Asides from losing the chance of returning to the Senate, Saraki has suffered other setbacks, losing two of his houses in Ilorin, Kwara State.

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A joyful breather, however, came for the Turakin of Ilorin on Friday, November 29, as he had reasons to be happy.

His daughter Oluwatosin who got married in October 2017, put to bed his first grandchild in a London hospital, cascading her father into an unexplainable joy that served as a momentarily cushion for recent negativities.

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An excited Saraki shutdown all of his activities to be with his daughter and granddaughter in London.

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