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The Man We Are: Increasing your wardrobe status for better



Man shopping for clothes


I often hear people emphasize on the saying that ‘you are addressed, the way you dress’ and I just wonder how true this could be. Do you believe that?

Some things which were initially reserved for crazy people have become the order of the day just because a celebrity endorsed them.

The Mario Baloteli haircut, Kanye West’s torn sweater, sagging of trousers, wearing suit with sneakers and all of it used to be wrong until they were made right by celebrities who went beyond that saying to even make money from these seeming acts of madness.

If you think we have succeeded in puncturing the bucket that makes that saying hold water, then think again because celebrities are celebrities and regular or conventionalpeople are regularall the same, always people.

It is always difficult to find a man who is fashion struck in terms of his outfits, most people don’t really care about colours but keep it so simple that everything will always match.

The battle of what to wear which every man faces on daily bases depends on their environment. Men are not mostly like ladies who want to change everything everyday, they love to have something common with them and that is the man’s way.

Women dress for women because in most cases they are the only ones who can tell the prices of what they wear and men dress for ladies who don’t really care about the prices, but the fittings and how the man looks at the end of the day.

An average African man compared to a woman has the shopping ratio of 1:10. This simply means that if his partner buys ten things, he will be buying only one. This explains the large female wardrobes and men having just few pairs of trousers.


How to break the jinx

I will not encourage men to be shopaholics, but taking time to get himself one or two things more often that the normal ones in a while thing will be very good. They can always encourage the women in their lives to do that for them by adding the money for it in her shopping budget.


It is not a competition

Just saying: “Honey buy two for yourself and one for me”, is very cool and romantic because you have to understand that it is not a competition between you and the ladies. And sometimes, just let her do her own shopping.

Making your woman understand that you are trying to ‘outshop’ her might bring war in the home. She is the shopping queen, just let her reign and no matter what, don’t ever count the number of times she has shopped. No matter what you do, she must shop. That is their nature.


Dressing for her

Ladies are the best fashion therapy any man can get. When someone around is appreciating a man’s appearance, watch him as he fights to do more. Ladies love praises from everyone they see. They want someone to stop them by the road side just to know the name of their shoe, bag, hair or cloths. They just love to know they are inspiring other people and also making many others jealous.

Men are different; just one lady praising him at the office can turn him from a ‘fashion nonsense’ to a fashion guru. He loves to know why he is doing it and who he is making happy by doing it.

You can directly or indirectly make your woman that person and dress for her. She will always love to be proud to say that her man dresses better than the others. Ladies love trophies and bragging rites, just be one for her.


Cut the beer and other ‘unnecessaries’

I have seen a man who spends more than ten thousand naira on alcoholic beverages in a week but can never buy a shirt of one thousand naira for himself except during Christmas, or the ones he receives as special gifts from relations.

What if he spends half on beer and half on looking good?Some say they are afraid of kidnappers and I laugh at it because one thing usually certain, is that most men if not all will be wearing a brand new cloth in their coffins when lying in state. It will be very bad to see a man wearing the most expensive outfit that ever touched his skin to the grave.

Funny enough, the most expensive cloths in some men’s wardrobe are burial uniforms which they cannot escape.


Just enjoy looking good

This is just the conclusion of the whole thing. You can never enjoy what you don’t like. Every man should enjoy looking good and work towards it. I am not saying that a man should spend his entire earnings on cloths and shoes, but upping the status to level greater than the usual thing that used to be close to nothing will help. He must enjoy it.



Pick good colours

Colours are the key to every outfit. When we dress, we are just like a painting hanging on the wall for everyone to see,admire and appreciate. However two things are usually involved in what people think about our colours. It is either good or bad.

One man’s colour is another man’s mistake just like one man’s meat is and others poison, but in all, every man should look towards getting colours that bring out the masculinity in them.

Sometimes, colours show the level of fashion education we have. In this case you need a lady to help you out. As a single guy, I usually call my sister to ask her what can go with what and I have never been disappointed. One thing everyman must know in fashion is that every woman with great fashion sense and colour combination, knows what is good for anaverage man and a woman.

Don’t fill your wardrobe with colours that make you look like a mascot; have cloths that count as cloths, meanwhile learn how to combine your plain or striped shirts, suits or ties and if you are a Jeans guy, know the right colour and design to wear at all times. The ideal combination singles you out as a brand anywhere, anyday.


Let’s look good always, it is the man we are.


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