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There was a destructive mistake as far as the 2015 Okigwe senate election is concerned and regrettably the principal architect of the failed Okigwe strategy of producing the only APC ranking senator of the Igbo extraction , that could have clinched a principal position in the senate while connecting the entire zone to mainstream politics of direct empowerment and prosperity, is adopting a more bizarre strategy of not only trying to stall the conduct of the rerun election through rigorous court processes and injunctions but also is luring some gullible youths into some kind of separatist agenda using propaganda.


The most serious mistake is his wicked agenda, targeted at denying Okigwe people the chance of presenting a credible representative in the red chambers of the National Assembly, even when he is in full acknowledgment that such action, as masterminded through the judiciary, to further refrain INEC from performing its constitutional duties of conducting a free and credible election for the good people of Okigwe zone, is incensed against the development and advancement of the zone.


Athan’s decision to delay or truncate the conduct of a credible elections for Okigwe zone, by asking the INEC to declare him the winner of the already cancelled election is horrible and has no judicial precedence as far as Nigeria law is concerned. From day one, it was obvious to all observers that Chief Athan Achonu wasn’t comfortable with the idea of facing the APC candidate, Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu, in a free and fair electoral contest. why? because he was very much aware of the position of Okigwe people and their leaders who are  so politically aware and sophisticated, so developmental conscious, so enlightened, and so achieving on their own to want to lose the opportunity of connecting their zone and it people to the mainstream affairs of the Nigerian nation, for a legislative and political toddler who has already manifested all he can become and achieve for the people of Okigwe zone, in his 7 months stay in the senate.


His records of lies and deceit before his eventual inauguration in the senate, that he will take advantage of his close relationship with the Senate President, and half of the senators whom he claimed he neither empowered financially or provided accommodation for,  in Abuja, to secure the chairmanship of a powerful committee  and other dividends of democracy for the people of Okigwe zone , was shamed when those he claimed to have empowered got Chairmanship of juicy committees due to their legislative experience and he got a deputy chairman of the committee on climate change thereby played a second fiddle in the senate.


No doubt, instead of burying his face in shame for his lies that went soar and make a U-turn to count the-loses he plunged the politically enlightened people of Okigwe zone into. He thinks that adopting a bravado attitude will erase the mess he plunged the hard working people of Okigwe zone into, by thwarting the wishes of the people for his selfish ambition that confined Okigwe zone to the “Reserve Bench Position”  in the National Assembly.


After his inability to attend plenary sessions, committee meetings or  even participate in senate debates of bills and motions since he couldn’t move any, it is another wonder that this same enemy of Okigwe development who undertook  to place Okigwe zone down  in support of his godfather in Enugu state, instead giving up to support the collective advancement of Ndi Okigwe has resorted to waging another vile propaganda against the person of Chief Tony Chukwu, Senator Ifeanyi Ararume and many others who has decided, after supporting  Chief Achonu in the first election, to wear a more enlightened thinking cap to shout at roof tops in Okigwe zone, the dangers for the most promising people in Igboland, as presently positioned by the opportunity to produce the only APC senator of Igbo extraction, to commit a political suicide.

What this individuals who are now calling Okigwe leaders godfathers and other unprintable names, because they have all resolved to support the APC candidate, not for their personal or party interest but  for what the zone stands to gain if the  APC candidate is returned to the senate, tend to forget is that, Athan  Achonu who they are supporting is older than Senator Ararume, Chief Tony Chukwu and others and has on many occasions openly  claimed to be a godfather who has  sponsored political office holders in the past…..does this also mean that he is equally guilty of all the allegations he and his followers hip on Okigwe leaders or were they just concocting malicious  allegations against these leaders in order to hoodwink there  followers?


It is important to note that, as Igbo adage illustrates, that what an elder sees sitting down, most of our young men cannot even see standing up. By jettisoning partisan and personal interests to  support the APC candidate for the Okigwe senate seat, Rt .Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu, whose election will instantly attract federal government presence, employment and empowerment opportunities to the zone, the leaders has unburdened any depth they owe the youths who are the next generation of Okigwe leaders. The leaders have with a stroke of their action demonstrated their loyalty to the rebuild Okigwe project and made a closure of the false accusations that they have never taken the unity, progress and advancement of the zone seriously.


To refresh the minds of those who may want to take advantage of this piece to castigate and abuse me and  some of the   leaders mentioned, I will like to say that in our constant cry for development and good leadership, we must acknowledge that our society may never  grow or find those wonderful leaders if we continue to bring our established leaders down in the alter of malicious propaganda and jealousy, as well as, continue to dwell on partisan sentiments that gives precedent to poor representation, instead of experience that brings forth excellence.


It is frightening when one realizes how gullible and mentally eroded some of our youths have become in recent times, that they no longer apply commonsense in their arguments or choice of representatives, a situation that is deleterious to a people that seeks to be among the first ten developed zones in Nigeria, by 2019. It is as if there are no more morals. It is no longer the politics of service and decorum as we saw in the days of Dee Sam Mbakwe, B.O Uwajumogu, Amb Echerue, O.K 2000 and others, but rather a cash and carry political system in which the highest bidder is the victor no matter how unsavory his/her past life may have been.


The result of this new attitude exhibited by some youths is the abandonment of the politics of principals and ideas for the politics of the mob-thugs and self-styled political toughies who after winning elections turns brutal lawmakers and end up enslaving their entire constituency, only to reappear with fraudulent scholarship schemes at the end of their tenure or once the elections are canceled.


It is gross misconduct or lack of commonsense for anyone to use his personality to support a mob-toughie who is inexperienced and incompetent in legislative affairs to occupy the highest legislative seat of a people due to partisan considerations. That is simply encouraging mediocrity. The zone has gotten to a stage when the overall interest of the people and experience should be the standard for voting legislators into office. Experience brings out the best in political office holders. Experience makes the individual to have confidence and also positions the lawmaker to wide range of opportunities which will be of benefit to his constituents.


A visit to any legislative House in the country quickly exposes the difference between sending an experience representative who has the drive to make a difference and a clueless representative who sees going to the senate as another opportunity to add another title to his feathers, especially because others have added such feat. Such representatives are idle, lazy and layabouts in the legislative House, who do not understand there left from the right. They beg for juicy contracts and quick money to satisfy their selfish and personal desires instead of community interest. These are the set of senators that lobby for chairmanship of juicy committees when they don’t have the requisite experience to deserve it. While on the other hand, the experienced lawmakers enjoys the flowery lucres and the perks from a legislative House, as chairmen of committees and principal officers.

The important issue on the table for Ndi Okigwe is to unite in the task of rebuilding and recreating an enabling environment for all indigenes of Okigwe zone to aspire and attain their potentials. This is not a task for the leaders alone, it requires contributions of all indigenes of Okigwe descent across political party divides to make the desired sacrifice in other to link the zone to the mainstream affairs of Nigeria, in which the APC candidate, Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu is sure to actualize if elected.   

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