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Tell Us Who Paid You To Blackmail Apostle Suleiman, Critics Tell Stephanie Otobo



Apostle Suleiman

In the wake of what has been described as an orchestrated confession, Stephanie Otobo, has come under heavy criticisms for her allegations against Apostle Suleiman.

Several months back, the budding singer surfaced from her base alleging that she had been used and dumped by the man of God, having promised to marry her while their alleged romance lasted.

Amidst plea on the part of her parent, Otobo refused to apologize and retract her claims. Not even threats of being thrown into jail could deter her. Like one who had really being hurt and wanted to prove a point, she made a video claiming that Apostle Suleiman would resort to blackmailing her to confess that she was sponsored by some men of God and politicians who didn’t like him.

For many, the move was a way out for the man of God whose image was being rubbished by the hour.

True to her prediction, Otobo, has confessed, but this time she is saying that she is not being coerced to confess. According to her, Apostle Suleiman is innocent of all the allegation and she only did what she did because she was paid.

Like a scene from a movie, Otobo who was hell bent on proving her point months back is now saying that she was sponsored by some politicians and men of God to blackmail her supposed lover stating that she would reveal the men who sponsored her when the time was right.

However, in a swift reaction, critics who don’t believe her have asked her to spill the bean and name the people behind the sponsored drama now if she is indeed speaking the truth.

“Why should we believe that she is saying the truth now when she convincingly lied before, Ayobami Adeniji,” asked.

Akinsanya Adewale added his voice to the long list of people who hardly believe the climax of the drama between Otobo and Apostle Suleiman saying “This could be a serious drama, as we have even heard that after Otobo confessed in Apostle Suleiman’s church she was prayed for by the same man who she said she was in a relationship with. There”


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