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Talk: Falz Affirms Bahd Guy Moniker




Rapper, Falz, warmed his way into the heart of music lovers with his unique brand of music.


With comedy in his songs, he was able to gather fans quickly and become a household name.


Several endorsements, albums and sold out concerts, there is no arguing the fact that the artist has done well for himself.


Affirming his tag as ‘The Bahd Guy,’  Falz has unearthed a docile part of his career as a social activist.


This new side of the rapper is unfamiliar, as he has been courting serious controversy.


‘Talk’ his new song released on Friday, January 11, off his album, “Moral Instruction,” is a daring criticism of forces in the country both social and political.

Currently generating controversy, the song criticised prostitution, cybercrime, politicians and other issues.


This new path of Falz began in 2018 when he dropped ‘This Is Nigeria’, a remix of Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’.


The song attracted reactions from different quarters including the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), which criticised it and asked for its ban because the video featured women wearing hijab while dancing ‘Shaku Shaku’.


The peak of the controversy saw the rapper dragging the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), to court for the ban placed on the song.


An artist who believes in himself, Falz, came for MURIC in his new song with the punch line ”Brother Muri shout finish we no see am for court.”


With the new songs, Falz has unveiled a new chapter of his career.

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