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Solidstar Reveal Reason Why He Left Achievas Entertainment



Achievas Entertainment

The departure of Solidstar from Acheivas Entertainment was indeed an unexpected one.

The musician announced he was moving on having spent 10 years with the Paul Cole Chiori-led label.

While no reason was given for the parting of ways, it was tagged an amicable settlement.

In recent years, Solidstar has not received the kind of push he used to get from the label which groomed him into the artiste he is today. This has been identified as one of the major reasons he opted to pursue his career from another direction.

In a statement corroborated by the record label, the singer announced that he was walking away from his old label. He however stated clearly that he was grateful for their assistance and he remains a family.

If no court paper is filled in the days to come, this would perhaps be one of the most controversy free breakup involving an artiste and his label.


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