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Sleep deprivation can completely destroys your health



Sleep: it’s wonderful stuff. A magic elixir, a miracle cure.

But you probably don’t get enough, right?

Most of us don’t get enough. Even though we’re told constantly that we should be getting eight hours a night, many of us go round permanently tired.

Because in our modern busy culture, it’s easy to send sleep to the back of the queue. You’ve got work to catch up on, or you’ve just got to finish that box set.

But sleep isn’t just key to making us feel alert and preventing eye bags taking over our faces – it’s vital to genuine good health. And going with too little can have worryingly harmful effects.

So in case tonight you’re tempted to watch ‘just one more episode’, we asked the experts what lack of sleep really does to your body and mind.

“We know from our own extensive research that people are simply not setting aside the time they need to get the sleep their body requires,” says Lisa Artis from The Sleep Council.

“The results of our most recent Great British Bedtime report showed that a third of us get by on just five to six hours sleep a night which, for most of us, is not enough to feel or perform at our best,” she adds.

Overall, Harvard Medical School found that those who don’t get enough sleep are 15% more likely to die unnaturally early than those who had good sleep habits.

But long before you get to that stage, the effect of lack of sleep can be felt across spectrum of your health.

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