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Slammed: See Why Kenyans Slammed And Dragged Victoria Kimani





Chocolate City’s artiste, Victoria Kinami was slammed by her country men and women for daring to say that they don’t support local talent.

The lady apparently got more than she bargained for, as she was slammed and dragged.

Kimani had been quoted as saying “that majority of Kenyans are the least supportive when it comes to music and arts.” She went on to say that Kenyans make it hard for an artist to be an artist, this includes fashion, art, music, acting whatever. Then get angry when we are appreciated elsewhere, this is heartbreak. We are the least patriotic people on this continent as it pertains to the arts.” she said via twitter.

This apparently didn’t go down well with them, as they came for her in their droves.


Words like “your weave is brighter than your future in music” among other dirtier ones were used to antagonize the singer.

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