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Shocker: JJC Skillz Causes Son Brain Injury



JJC Skillz

JJC Skillz has been accused of inflicting minor traumatic brain injury on his son, Bello Buhari Benito.

This was revealed by Benito’s mother, Mella when she shared his medical report.

According to Mella, JJC Skillz had assaulted her son, inflicting grievous bodily harm on the young man.

Mella stated that Benito was abused by his father after he went online to speak on his relationship with Funke Akindele when he spent time with her during a visit.

Benito claimed that the actress was not who she presents herself to be, adding that he lived with her for a while and it was not a nice experience.

Sharing a medical report of her son, it showed that he had minor brain damage as a result of repeated blows with the fist to the back and side of the head.

The report also stated that Benito who had headaches, nausea, and felt generally unwell was treated at the emergency department of the hospital.

Furthermore, the report also stated that Benito was beaten up for over an hour, as he received blows on his rib, arms, and left eyes, leading to dizziness, severe headaches, seizures, vomiting, and blurred vision.

Mella also accused the rapper of going online and “pretending with fake piety” but exhibits a different behaviour towards their son.

According to her, Benito is still recovering from the injuries inflicted on him by his father.

JJC Skillz

JJC Skillz




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