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Seth Knapp, Ope Banwo, Matt Daniel Others To Speak At UN Cryptocurrency Conference




Seth Knapp, the co-founder of TokenAi, a blockchain company specializing in applying artificial intelligence to cryptocurrency trading, Ope Banwo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of Nollytainment and several other blockchain experts will speak at a United Nations (UN), conference on Cryptocurrency.


The Cryptocurrency Conference will hold at the United Nations Headquarters, in New York on Wednesday, April 18th.

The theme of the one-day confab organized by The Crypto Forex Institute and the Crypto Winners Club at the UNO is “The Cryptocurrency Revolution and The Future of Capital Mobilization in Emerging Nations”. Dr Ope Banwo, Attorney, Business Consultant and Founder of Nollytainment Inc., will be speaking on “How to deploy Blockchain Technology in creating a bigger and more profitable entertainment ecosystem in developing nations”

The Crypto Conference will also feature some of the leading voices from different niches of the cryptocurrency revolution, including Matt Daniel, Ceo of Coinonx, a Silicon Valley-based ICO Equity and Institutional Investment Consultant; and Mr. Emmanuel Adegbola, the CEO of Crypto Forex Institute based in Dallas, Texas.

Some of the Topics to be discussed at this first of its kind conference at the United Nations include:

  • “The Potential Of Cryptocurrency In Solving Developmental Problems In Emerging Nations”;
  • “Harnessing The Power Of Artificial Intelligence To Maximize ROI On Crypto Investment and blockchain Projects”
  • “Connecting ICOs With Investment Whales And Corporate Investors: How Cryptocurrency Will Change The Project Funding And Capital Mobilization Landscape In Developing Nations”
  • “How Blockchain, Smart Contracts And Cryptocurrencies Will Create A Bigger And More Profitable Ecosystem For The Entertainment Industry In Developing Nations”
  • “Separating The Wheat From The Chaff: Pro Secrets For Distinguishing Valuable Coins From Scam-Coins”

This one-day Crypto Conference will take place in the Delegates Dining Room of the United Nations, New York, on Wednesday, April 18th from 10am — 3.00pm.

Dr Ope Banwo who was clearly elated at the prospect of speaking at the UNO said “I feel highly honored to have been invited to speak on at the highest forum of international interaction. Despite the present uncertainty and volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, I sincerely believe the Blockchain technology and the Cryptocurrency concept may be the biggest inventions of the century and real game changers in the way we execute contracts and think about money as a means of exchange. I look forward to sharing my ideas on how we can fix lingering problems in the entertainment sector, including Copyright Protection, Movie Financing and global distribution, with blockchain technology”


One of the other speakers scheduled to speak at this Event, Mr. Seth Knapp of TokenAi, also said “I am pumped to be able to speak at the world’s biggest stage on international relations on a topic that has pre-occupied me for some many months. It would be a really fulfilling experience to be share our ideas on how we can apply Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs in the context of blockchain technology “


Also billed to speak at this event Mr. Matt Daniel of Coinonx Crypto Finance marketing group expressed delight that emerging nations are starting to take a good look at cryptocurrency and its application to their developmental needs. According to him, “our primary focus is helping Project Founders to get access to institutional investors in a way that is fast and painless. We have been helping Entrepreneurs source investment capital for years, and are happy to take our expertise into helping Crypto Project Founders get the much needed access to deep pocket investors”

Dr Ope Banwo is the Founder/CEO of Nollytainment Inc., a USA-Based company pioneering a blockchain-enabled entertainment ecosystem powered by Nollycoin cryptocurrency. His company is working on building a network of interrelated entertainment products and services to create a powerful community that is connected by blockchain technology and which uses NollyCoin as its central means of exchange.

Some of the products and services already being deployed in the emerging Nollytainment blockchain ecosystem include Nollycloud (a lightning fast movie download app without conventional internet data or bandwidth); NollyFlix360 (a smart-contract driven online movie streaming portal); Nolly Cinemas (providing a cinema movie box office portal using cryptocurrency) and Nolly Shopper, (An online entertainment shopping store experience using NollyCoin cryptocurrency) to mention a few.

Nollytainment is currently mobilizing funds for its ambitious blockchain entertainment ecosystem project through the Nollycoin ICO at

You can find out more details about the Crypto Winners Conference coming up on Wednesday, April 18th at the United Nations and how you can attend or be a corporate sponsor,


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