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Sad Turn Out Of Events At Quilox



Shina Peller


Quilox has prided itself as the biggest crowd pulling night club in Lagos. It throws great parties and draws the patronage of top socialites and celebrities around Lagos. The atmosphere is always great especially when they host their themed parties. They are usually the talk of the town after every party.
However, from recent events it seems like the club may be heading for the exit door soon. Patrons have started complaining about the high-handedness of the club and the poor treatment they get from the workers of the club.
The recent fracas between musician Oritsefemi and the bouncers of the club is a good example of the shabby treatment patrons have recently been facing at the club. This has led to many vowing not to ever step near the club again.
In Oritsefemi’s case, the bouncers had beaten the musician while the artiste also is saying that his N8.5m jewelry was stolen by the bouncers after beating him.
Oritsefemi says he was only trying to stand up for a ‘senior colleague’ (Sound Sultan) and another artiste, Rock Steady when they were being bounced from entering the VIP section of the club. “I was unhappy with the behavior of the bouncers who stood up to ask why the bouncer was putting up such attitude to an A-list artiste and a brother, and the bouncer replied that an order was placed down by Quilox CEO Shina Peller that no A-list artiste should be allowed into the VIP section, claiming that they were not his costumers and they have no value at his club,” said Oritsefemi.
He said before he could say anything, the other bouncer was already rough-handling him. Oritsefemi, who was holding a glass of wine said he defended himself by slapping the bouncer with the wine glass which gave the bouncer a scar on the face.
But that is not the only tale of woe from a patron of Quilox. One told us how he had told a friend to come and meet him at the club. But later he received a call from his friend asking him to come outside. When he got there, he saw that his friend was already beaten up by the bouncer. “I will never go there again. He (Shina Peller) thinks he is God because he has all those bouncers around him. His club will not be the first or the last in Lagos,” the disgruntled patron said.
Probably in a bid to defend its own position, the club sent in a release saying that Oritsefemi was never invited to the club. “Oritsefemi came into Quilox without prior reservations or table bookings. It is important to note that tables are allocated to customers who have made paid table bookings in advance of their arrival except such customer is a patron or member of the club and tables are allocated according to availability in such case.”
The release further says that “Oritsefemi who was drinking from the patrons bottle, threw caution to the wind by attempting to sit eight of his guests at the table, the surprised Patron strongly rejected such effrontery and invited the bouncer guarding the floor to intervene .The bouncer politely approached Oritsefemi and told him that the Patron who owned the table did not want any of Oritsefemi’s guests joining in as the patron’s guests were still being expected. However, Oritsefemi in a fit of provoked rage slapped the bouncer then proceeded to breaking a glass in his hand and stabbing him in the eye.”
Eye witnesses, however, said that Oritsefemi actually came into the club with just one guest and not eight people. Also, the release said Oritsefemi was not invited, the question is, why was he let in when he was not invited? Even if he was let in for his stardom, why were seven other uninvited guests let into the club? This show holes in the release sent in.
Also, no matter how Oritsefemi behaves, such a ‘high class’ club should be learned in the ways of dealing with such issue without resulting to beating him up any customer in front of everyone, as eye witness has reported.
One wonders if the club owned by the self styled king of nightlife is not losing it. Many night clubs have gone down for less.
By Hazeez Balogun
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