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The Role Of Gani Adams In The Enthronement Of Democracy By Femi Adepoju



Iba Gani Adams

For some of us who actively fought for the enthronement of democracy in this country, the role of Gani Adams and the hope his leadership of the OPC gave to the Yoruba nation in the face of military tyranny can not be over emphasized.

Unlike you, I did not read Gani’s activities or monitor OPC on the pages of newspapers. I was part of his activities even as an underdog, until his doggedness, focus and bravery earned for him the praises he get today.

And that the praises are coming from those who would ordinarily ,not see Gani as somebody suggest you may be a loner on this journey of Pull Him Down ( PHD) which Yorubas are historically noted for. (Your name suggests you are a native.)

To this end, I can say Gani Adams, long before now paid the price of what he is enjoying today. You may have watched him overtime to pass your uncharitable judgment. But you have failed to see him well and as sincere as the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi who long before his departure to the great beyond ,took delight in calling the new Aare Ona Kakanfo (whether haters like it or not, ) by the name Generalissimo.

Like the Yoruba would say, Teni Begi Loju, Igi Aruwe. The hatred against Gani by few people like you notwithstanding, Gani to the glory of God today is the 15th Generalissimo of Yoruba land. That has already been recorded in history. What else could be better than you and I and every other forward looking and progress seeking Yoruba man to come around him and see him succeed for the future of the Yoruba nation. Eje ka fi ote sile, ki a gbe eni Olorun da laruge!

Femi Adepoju wrote in response to an article written by Odesola, a former journalist with Punch, wrote from the United States.

Part Of Odesola’s Article Below

The statures of the last two occupiers of the title, Chief Ladoke Akintola, and Chief MKO Abiola, make Gani Adam’s ascension to the title a huge insult!

Enter, the generalissimo that ran with his tail between his legs from some gun-wielding boys in Owo.

Yoruba, welcome the era of an Aare Ona Kakanfo, whose organization exploits, extorts, rapes, kills, maims and robs the citizenry.

Gani Adams’ ascension to the post of Aare Ona Kakanfo is a reward for thuggery, violence and all that is despicably wracking our nation.

Gani w-h-a-t?. The Alaafin got it wrong this time round!

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