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Really Exciting ways to Identify Nigerians Abroad



When Nigerians travel abroad some of them may not want to identify themselves as citizens of our beloved country. Why? Because of the negative stories peddled about the country by the media. Some Nigerians immediately they alight from a flight from Lagos to London, change their accent. They speak and act British or American depending on where they are.

Fortunately, a leopard cannot change his skin. A Nigerian will always be a Nigerian with certain perks which is why no matter how polished they are or the efforts to hide it you can identify them., Africa’s No, 1 hotel booking shares tips on how to identify a Nigerian anywhere in the world, Do not forget to say hello whenever you meet one on your travels or vacation.

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The heavy Nigerian accent

There are over 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria. Some of these tribes have their dialect. With these dialects comes an accent. You can easily know a Nigerian who is of Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba extraction by their accent. The accent cannot be wished away no matter how a polish you are.

They are hustlers

Nigeria is a country that certainly agrees with the parlance No food for lazy. They always hustle to survive. You just need to drive across different parts of Lagos to have a first-hand experience of how hard Nigerians work to eke out a living for themselves. When you see Nigerians excelling in anywhere of the world, do not hesitate to offer them a gracious handshake. However, the shortcoming here is what the Nigerian is doing to survive abroad?

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Proud to speak their mother tongue

England is said to be the second home of many Nigerians. There is a sizeable presence of Nigerians in Queensland. So, do not be surprised when you hear any of the three major languages especially Yoruba on the street of London. Meeting a fellow citizen abroad gives you a sense of security and belonging.  Nigerians do not shy away from speaking their dialect.

The Green passport

This is perhaps the easiest way to spot a Nigerian. The Green passport certifies you a Nigerian. Holla at them when you spot a Nigerian passport. Nigerians should be proud of their passports.

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You cannot miss the taste of Nigerian cuisine

You may be shocked at how some Nigerians stay ‘Nigerian’ even though they do not reside in the country. They still keep the local cuisine. So, when you perceive the aroma of pepper soup, Akpu and egusi soupFufu and efo riro. That is definitely a Nigerian home or a Nigerian restaurant. You can walk in to have a feel of Nigerian cuisine.

They love Nollywood movies

If you are in Nigeria, you may not really appreciate Nigerian movies. But Nigerians living abroad definitely love Nigerian movies. You find piles of Nollywood movies at their homes. Perhaps, these movies connect them to Nigerian culture, values and traditions. Just maybe.

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They Love to Party

Nigerians love to party. They have transmitted this partying character abroad. They proudly adorn their Buba, Iro and Gele. In fact, they select Aso-ebi for their party. Partying is a trait that not be sapped from the bloodstream of an average Nigerian.

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