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Prosecute Parents Of Fraudsters-Amotekun Chief




A call for the prosecution of the parents of the fraudsters has been made by the Chairman, Council of Amotekun Commanders in South West, and Corps Commander Ondo State, Adetunji Adeleye.

Adeleye, called on the Federal government to put in place a legal framework that will ensure the prosecution of parents of internet fraudsters popularly known as “Yahoo-boys”.

Amotekun chief calls for prosecution of parents of fraudsters, questions hoteliers who allow 21 year old pay N2 million to lodge

Speaking in Akure on Monday, February 14, Adeleye said the menace of ‘Yahoo boys’ and ritual killings is what is taking the turn of the day.

According to him, some parents of the Yahoo- boys are culpable of the crime committed by their wards and they should be prosecuted to stop these crimes committed by their children.


“I want to say that the majority of the parents of these boys know what their children do: coming home with Lexus cars, a student 200 Level buying houses and cars for their parents, and they know that they don’t have any legitimate job.

“They are accomplices as far as I am concerned. I am looking forward to a situation that the legal system will have a grip on such parents that encourage such. The decadence is a big failure from the family setting.

“There is no way your ward will be misbehaving to such extent that you will not know, otherwise you have failed as a parent,” he said.


“A couple of weeks ago, I invited the prominent hotelier because our investigation reveals that we found students who take over rooms in these major hotels for a whole year. They don’t even allow the hotel staff to clean their rooms, so, they don’t know what is even happening in the rooms. A lot of those ladies are butchered and cleaned up inside these hotel rooms for ritual purposes,” he said.


Adeleye, said that hoteliers in the state have great roles to play in reducing the new trend among the youths.


“We told them the implications and made them know that they would be made to face the music if they notice any of these unwholesome attitudes of these youths and they don’t report.

“How do you explain a 21 years old boy paying N2m hotel bills that he has not used, taking five to 10 rooms in a hotel and nobody sleeps in the hotel rooms for most part of the week.

“We should know that they are up to something; this is the area that we feel that the hotelier should assist to nip the crime in the bud. There are a lot of things coming up.” he said

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