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Pennsylvania: Trump Campaign Attempts To Stop Certification Of Biden’s Victory




President Donald Trump’s campaign is attempting to halt the validation of the victory recorded by Joe Biden in Pennsylvania in the US election.

Trump who has refused to accept defeat in the US presidential election is seeking an emergency injunction in Pennsylvania to prevent Joe Biden’s victory from being certified in the state.

BBC reports that the White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany has vowed that the legal battle to contest Biden’s victory was only just beginning.

Aljazeera also reported that the lawsuit which was filed on Monday, November 9, is also seeking an injunction requiring county election boards to invalidate ballots that were allowed to be “cured”.

“Curing” a ballot is a completely legal process; if a voter sends their mail ballot without a secrecy envelope or signature, an official calls to tell them they are allowed to vote by provisional ballot.

The lawsuit in Pennsylvania alleged that the election in the state was marred by a lack of transparency, the unequal “curing” of ballots and mail-in ballots received after election day.

Meanwhile, the head of the US general services administration has been urged by the campaign of US president-elect, Joe Biden to approve an official transition of power.

According to Reuters, Biden’s campaign on Sunday, November 8, made the appeal to Donald Tump’s political appointee despite the president’s refusal to concede.

Biden’s campaign team went on to warn that national security and economic interests in the country depended on a clear signal that America would engage in a “smooth and peaceful transfer of power.”

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