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Pastor Adeboye Doesn’t Tell President Buhari The Truth-Primate Ayodele



Primate Ayodele

Over the years, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church has carved a niche for himself as one of the leading prophets in the country. The man who recently published a compendium of 10,000 fulfilled prophesies spoke about the accomplishment, his opinion on the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) among other national issues in this interview.

Recently you launched a compendium of 10,000 fulfilled prophesies, how fulfilling is that for you as a prophet?

It is not all about the book, but the words in the book. The words are very important. When you say ‘may happen’, that is not a prophecy, but when you say ‘will happen’ then it becomes a prophecy.  Back to your question, I am so happy to be the first person to compile 10, 000 fulfilled prophesies in Nigeria, Africa, and the world. I am indeed so happy. I give glory to God who has given me the opportunity and privilege to do this.

You don’t sell your books, how then do you get funds to put them together?

It is not an easy task, but sometimes, people who appreciate our efforts give us funds without asking. If you give from the bottom of your heart for the work of God, we take.

Do you plan to commercialise the book anytime soon?

I still want to maintain the habit of giving out my books for free despite the fact that they are reference materials.

The buzz about the CAMA law might have gone down due to recent developments in the country, are your opinions about it still the same?

Yes. We have a confused government; they have wrong advisers who tell them what is not right. You don’t leave party affairs and say you want to dabble into church affairs. The problem is the leaders, frontline pastors like Pastor Enoch Adeboye and others. They are the ones behind the problem that the church is facing. They meet the president but don’t tell him the truth, if they tell him the truth, the president will know that the church is a no go area. The truth is that governments stooge are the ones administering Christianity in the country and they are getting it wrong. The CAMA law was brought to frustrate the work of God and God will never allow them. The government should leave the church for church and look for a better way to regulate its activities instead of making political statements because their position is not divine. How do you expect someone who is not aware of my church doctrines or the ways of my church to takeover? He won’t get it; he would just mess up.

While the noise about the law was on, you made mention of the fact that it was dead on arrival, it does appear so.

Yes, I said that. It was dead on arrival. I also said that if it is pursued any further; those behind it would see the wrath of God.

Aside from your books and prophecies, another thing you are known for is philanthropy, what is your take on extremely rich men of God who hardly help the needy?

Let us leave their judgment to God. You can’t take their case to God. At the right time, he will judge them. So, let’s leave their judgment for God. What I know is that I suffer to get my money, I struggle and my money is legal. So, if I decide to use it for philanthropy, it is for my God to reward me. I have become known for good things and I will use all I have to achieve those goals.

Abroad, some countries are talking about the second wave of COVID-19, are we going to witness it in Nigeria, are more prominent people going to die?

Anyone who has done one bad thing or the other to this country would be taken by COVID-19. It’s the prophecy of God that I said in January. When I said it, people made noise. I love my critics because they make me more focused, they strengthen me, and they give me power and courage to speak more. When I don’t have critics, I don’t like it. I will always like to have critics so that I can know that what I am saying is meaningful, if it is not meaningful, nobody will criticise it. The issue of COVID-19 is not over, it has come to stay.

There are those who have said that after COVID-19, the business of the virus will continue, do you agree with this?

I don’t know what you mean by that, but the government might continue to say there is still COVID-19 until they are very sure that there are no such cases. What God has revealed to me is that in the same way we have continued to talk about HIV, we will continue to talk about COVID-19. I was the first person to say that when you want to travel, you will need a certificate and that has come to pass. It might be minimal, but COVID-19 has come to stay.

You also talked about another COVID-19 coming in the next 15 years?

Yes. It will come. It is going to be as deadly as what we have encountered with this virus. We should wait for it.

There have been a lot of speculations about what the 27th anniversary of your ministry would look like, what should we expect?

It is coming up next year. Let us wait for it. However, I can tell you that we have celebrated the 26th year of the project and it’s a moving train.


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