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 P-Square’s many media hype



The recent drama sparked off by Jude Okoye and followed up by his twin brothers Peter and Paul popularly known as P-Square that the twins are going their separate ways – musically, has been eliciting mixed reactions in the entertainment industry.

Prominent among the reactions is the fact that the artistes who make up one of Africa’s biggest music group played to the gallery with their separation story.

The theory is simply that like every big and successful brand, P-Square, has reached the ultimate and is now dropping.

This is why in recent time the group’s output has been questionable and they have not been able to drop new album in all most years now.

This reality is what has seen P-Square and their manager, Jude Okoye, embark on this media hype of separation. P-Square’s desperation to remain relevant despite a dwindling music career was part of what saw them saying they did not use their late mother for money ritual when nobody accused them of such.
One is forced to ask why they made that statement.

The list of P-Square’s lies just to remain in the media is endless. On several occasions the group has claimed that they own property in choice areas of Lagos State.

The Globacom Ambassadors did not stop at that they also told their fans tales their investments in oil and gas business, ownership of oil wells, a private jet, a 2014 Bentley GT said to worth over N30 million, homes in America among others.

So shameful was the attitude of the senior Okoyes on twitter on the purported misunderstanding between his younger ones that one is forced to ask if taking to the social media to announce the squabble in his family was the best way to settle the matter if there was any.

One had expected a person of his age, exposure and position to settle whatever misunderstanding exist between his brothers after all people do have misunderstanding and settle it. More shameful is the fact that Jude is now embarking on an image laundering campaign for Lola Omotayo, Peter’s wife saying the whole thing wasn’t about her.

That P-Square only resolved their dispute following the intervention of the Chairman of Globacom, Otunba Mike Adenuga, who unconfirmed report said threatened to kick them out of his ambassadorial team should they split leaves one with the conclusion that they love money more than their brotherhood.

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