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Osun 2022 election predictions: Should we be worried about Primate Ayodele?



Primate Ayodele

Joel Nnaemeka

For some, Primate Elijah Ayodele of the Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church with headquarters in Lagos, prophecies, their accuracy and specialty are the calling of the cleric. His prophecies, since 1994, have been borderless. Their scope ranges from politics to economy, sports, governance, health care, science and technology, religion, traditional institutions, security and the globe. Unlike many other prophets, Primate Ayodele is not scared to confront any person, nation or institution in what he believes to be the mind of God as revealed to him.

In Nigeria, Africa and beyond, many have always looked forward to the release of his annual book launch popularly called: ‘Warning to the Nations: Compilation of Divine Signals.” The book is released yearly and it details what should be expected in the coming year and beyond. Aside the content of the annual book, Primate Ayodele equally reveals what he knows to be God’s mind on issues whenever he interacts with journalists during press conferences. His opinions on issues of global importance have always being sort both by local and global observers. He has maintained a track record of prophetic accuracy; little wonder he published a book on 10,000 fulfilled prophecies by him.

Among the very recent fulfilment of his prophecies include: sacking of the PDP gubernatorial candidate in Delta, Sheriff Oborevwor. Primate Ayodele had warned much earlier: “I don’t see PDP candidate, Sheriff Oborevwor coming out in flying colours if the APC strategizes well. I am warning governor Okowa to immediately swing into action because Sheriff will have issues, the PDP is risking Danger with the Sheriff, I’m not his enemy but that’s what God Said.’’

Other fulfilled prophecies included the exit of UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson; the assassination of Japan’s former Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe. Shinzo Abe was assassinated during a campaign speech to the surprise of many.

He equally forewarned of an attack on President Muhammadu Buhari’s convoy, He had said this since 2021. Also, five days after warning, Primate Ayodele’s prophecy on the death of former Angola President, Jose Dos Santos came to pass. These were his exact words: “In Angola, let them pray not to lose the country’s former president, and in the coming election, there will be a serious election between the incumbent and opposition. If the president allows the coalition to work against him, he will lose the election, but if he works very well and does the needful, it will be difficult for the coalition to unseat him.”

Aside the above, Primate Ayodele in his 2022/2023 edition of his book of prophecies ‘Warning to the Nations’ revealed that he foresaw that the Sri Lankan president would be chased out of office. This happened.
In the same vein, the prophet predicted the recent Bodija Market fire outbreak and the Uber crisis in the newly released prophecy book. The Bodija disaster was recorded on page 39 of WTN 2022/2023 edition. Also, Primate Ayodele wrote on page 170 of same edition that the hailing motor company, Uber, would run into problems in its operations. These have come to pass.

Also on page 62 of same edition, he warned that the nations would be troubled by climatic changes. This has come to pass as heat wave, excessive flood, and several other natural disasters have come to pass.
However, what is disturbing to many observers of the Primate’s years of prophetic accuracy is the outcome of the Osun 2022 gubernatorial election. It will be recalled that on Wednesday , December 22, 2021, Primate Ayodele had told a press conference what should be expected. He spoke elaborately and warned Governor Oyetola that he would struggle to win the 2022 election. According to Primate Ayodele on December 22, 2021, he told all journalists present that: “The spirit of God says Governor Oyetola must unite all members of the Osun State House of Assembly as well as the party members. He must work assiduously because there will be a lot of evil perpetrators that will want to frustrate his effort in order for him not to win the second term. All the Who is who should do reconciled in the Osun State APC.

“I foresee that many of his party members will want to gang up against him. Oyetola must not allow the party members to decamp and also not allow his party to break. He needs prayers to avert negativity and do the needful. They will bring negative reports about the governor. He must pray very hard so that he will succeed. Oyetola will want to change everything about his present seat. It will cause more problems, but if he puts in more efforts and pray very well, he will retain his seat. Oyetola will want to do all he can to retain his seat for the second term. He will want to ensure that the APC excel in the coming election. He should pray not to lose any of his Aides and loyal party members. There will be protest against his government and also negative propaganda. If he puts his house in order, he is going to record victory.”

Let us quickly fast forward to Saturday, July 9, 2022 when Primate Ayodele held a press conference. This was exactly a week to the Osun governorship election. At the press conference, several issues concerning the nation was addressed and Osun governorship election was part of the subject of discussion. When asked what would be the outcome of the election, Primate Ayodele was unusual in his response. Although he noted that Ademola Adeleke would not win the election and that Governor Gboyega Oyetola would retain his seat as the governor of the state, journalists present were worried, noting that he had categorically predicted in 2021 and consistently maintained that except Governor Oyetola sorted out the problems in his party, the APC, he would lose the election. What happened to Primate Ayodele? Shouldn’t we be worried? Something must have gone amiss. As journalists, we wait for another interaction with him to clear the air.

Nnaemeka is a journalist and social critic.

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