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Opinion: 5 Important Reasons Some Nigerians Might Remain Poor Forever




Poverty, they say, is universal, but the case of Nigeria is different from many other countries given its vast resources.

Like everywhere else, many factors contribute to the cases of poverty in Nigeria. Without doubt, many Nigerians will remain under the bondage of lack because of some these internal and external factors, Aanu Adegun writes in this opinion. in this report examines some of the reasons why some Nigerians will remain poor.

1. Lack of cash to invest in initiatives One big issue affecting the ability of a Nigerian to rise above poverty is the inability to secure capital to invest in their projects. A Nigerian mind is a fertile one with many ideas. But without capital, any idea conceived is as good as dead. Though the federal government is trying to change this narrative, most of the money being doled out by the government will not solve this problem.

2. Lack of basic infrastructure in the country Some infrastructure will help some Nigerians leap out of poverty but sadly, most of these are rooted in the country. Take for example, electricity is a huge infrastructure that will aid Nigerians but as at today, it is one of the most elusive thing in the country as a result of its epileptic state.

3. Inadequate training opportunities and easy access to education Unlike western countries where people easily access first class training to aid their understanding of certain things, Nigeria has no such luxury. Getting training opportunities in Nigeria is a big struggle. Also, access to quality education is a bigger issue.

4. Fear of the unknown and bad mindset On a personal note, some Nigerians will remain poor because they have a negative mindset. They don’t see good in new things. For some others, fear of the unknown always stops them from exploring diverse opportunities available to them outside their comfort zone.

5. Willingness to learn other things Another reason many Nigerians will remain poor is their inability to learn new skills. Many Nigerians believe some skills are beneath them. Mostly, these skills might ultimately become their main source of income.

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