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Ondo 2020 Live: Primate Ayodele Speaks On The Election



Primate Ayodele


The leader of INRI Evangelical spiritual church, Primate Ayodele has given more clarifications on his most recent prophecy about the outcome of Ondo state election which will be holding on October 10, 2020.

Primate Ayodele had said in his last prophecy about Ondo election that Rotimi Akeredolu will not win the election except through manipulations.

In his words, ‘Rotimi Akeredolu will not win Ondo election except through manipulations and technicality, He must not underrate anybody, the candidate of the PDP, Eyitayo Jegede and ZLP, Agboola Ajayi are out to beat him. He needs to be careful because he will be betrayed, there are moles in his camp.

The people of Ondo state have rejected Akeredolu, no matter the crowd he has now, they won’t give him victory except he manipulate.

He should wake up, strategize and right his wrongs if he wants to win or else, He will lose gallantly except through manipulations’’

However, during a follow up telephone interview session on the prophecy that has gone viral, Primate Ayodele explained that what he meant with the prophecy is that the candidate of the APC will not win the election through the mandate of the people but the system that will get him back as Governor is manipulation, coalition, money and incumbency.

He further explained that if election is conducted free and fair, Rotimi Akeredolu will lose gallantly because he won’t have the mandate of the people.

He made it known that Akeredolu will use the power of incumbency, money, security, manipulation, technicality and coalition to win the election, and not the mandate of the people.

Also, He made it known that as a prophet, prophecies are only valid if it comes with a solution, noting that His prophecy is a warning to Akeredolu to right his wrongs, and re-organize his people or else, he will lose gallantly.

‘With my last prophecy, what I meant is Rotimi Akeredolu will use power of incumbency, money, security, manipulation, technicality, coalition win the election, not people’s mandate.

Rotimi Akeredolu will not get people’s mandate in Ondo, politicians in Ondo don’t want Akeredolu and a larger part of Ondo don’t want him.

The other two candidates don’t have the system Rotimi Akeredolu will deploy to ensure victory in the election but for Akeredolu to win, he will use these steps to win and not people’s mandate.

If Akeredolu emerges winner, no supreme court will be able to sack him as governor except the other candidates wants to waste their money.

I still maintain that he has fake people and moles in his caucus who will betray him. I am warning Akeredolu, not for money or fame or appreciation, I am just giving clarifications on my last prophecy.

A prophecy about an issue isn’t a prophecy if there is no solution attached to it, if Akeredolu doesn’t want to lose, he should re-organize his people because there are fake people working with him, that are also with the opponent, however, what will give Akeredolu victory is power of incumbency, money, manipulation, coalition, He will not get people’s mandate.

I stand by my prophecy that Rotimi Akeredolu will not win through the people’s mandate. The only way He can win is through power of incumbency, money, security, manipulation, technicality, coalition’’

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