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Omojuwa Comes To Toke Makinwa, Mercy Aigbe’s Defence



For days now, the duo of Toke Makinwa and Mercy Aigbe have been riddled by speculations that they built their empire with the help of male sponsors.

The rumours claim Mercy Aigbe’s house was bought for her by a prominent man and Toke’s lifestyle is also funded by someone.

In light of the fact that Lanre Gentry, Mercy Agbe’s ex-husband had alleged her of being promiscuous, could the rumour be true?

However, Omojuwa has jumped to the defence of the ladies. He gave a very insightful opinion on the rumours.

Read his comment below:

A society can never advance beyond the collective mentality of its people. Poor societies are poor because their systems are set up to make people poor but essentially because there is a mentality that drives poverty, cultures it and amplifies it. The same mentality that kills or gets on the way of enterprise.

I know these two enterprising ladies. Without knowing them personally, you see them creating businesses and products and getting stuff done. They create products, write, create platforms, movies, sign endorsement deals…their path to wealth is apparent to any rational person.

But ours is a society that suspects progress and wealth. When a young person is rich, even with an apparent value creation system, we ascribe their success to everything other than the fact that they create value and earn income.

These days, we have blogs and sites focused on damaging people’s reputation than pushing progress. You create a product and they look away; someone starts a dirty unfounded rumour and they jump on it. They amplify. They drop denigrating comments. Some people subconsciously think that the reason their own lives are failing is because others are progressing. We need to do better.

When a lady succeeds or starts to shine, we ascribe their success to the rich and powerful. Even some women with powerful platforms either push or amplify this madness. We are disempowering young girls. We are telling them being enterprising is a lie. That working smart and hard is useless because to succeed you have to be dating a governor. They believe this because of the lies we form and amplify about the successes of those they look up to.

We go to church on Sundays, to the Mosque on Fridays, to the Shrine and we pray to succeed. To thrive. We work hard too. But when we see others succeed, we insist they had sex with someone, they are gay, they are anything but the culmination of their sweat and intellect. Our leaders are mostly bad. Our collective mentality is actually worse. These are human beings.

Young girls making a living. For each time you push this myth that these folks succeed because of some immoral acts with men, remember your daughter, your sister…let’s do better!


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Omojuwa defends Toke Makinwa and Mercy Aigbe following recent rumors that they built their empire by lying on their backs

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Nollywood Queens Go Bikini Crazy***Flaunt Assets In Bikini




In recent times, Nollywood Queens, have been showing off their body in swim suits as if they have a point to prove.

First, it was Lilian Esoro that debut the idea, as the ex-wife of Ubi Franklin shared eye-popping pictures of her cute body.

Image result for lilian esoro in swimwear

Ufuoma McDermott followed suit with her own pictures and the movie industry reacted with awe.

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Image result for ufuoma Mcdermott in swimwear

For Stephanie Linus, she was a bit calm sharing only pictures of her legs.

Mercy Aigbe’s turn to flaunt her body came when she travelled abroad and released a pool picture in which she looked so  sexy in a blue swimwear, drawing a shock reaction from her daughter.

Image result for mercy aigbe shows off body in swimwear


Latest to join the team of Nollywood flaunting actress is Uche Jumbo. The thespian packed her assets into a black one piece swimsuit, as she joins the league.

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Uche Jombo shows off her body in one-piece swimwear (photo)

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‘Voice To Fame’: How StarTimes Is Reinventing Local Content



Lukmon Akintola

The saturation of the Nigerian entertainment scene by contents with similar themes has seen a growing yearning for fresh and unique programs.

From movies to music videos and even reality shows, it is the same serving, as creatives continue to churn out similar contents.

The need for producers to think out of the box and come out with world-class ideas saw StarTimes and VSkit, a social media application debuting a one of a kind reality show, Voice To Fame.

Voice To Fame is a unique reality show, a kind that has never been seen before its debut.  Currently showing on leading digital pay-TV network, StarTimes on Sundays on Orisun TV, ST Yoruba and Area TV at 8: 00 PM with a late broadcast on ST Dadinkowa at 9: 00 PM, it is garnering what will eventually become fanatical followership.

Devoid of anything typical, Voice To Fame, a proudly Nigerian content which takes credit for being the first pidgin English dubbing competition features notable faces in the movie industry including leading actors Femi Adebayo, who is the host; Mide Martins, Charles Okocha popular as Igwe 2Pac, Nkechi Blessing and others.

Voice To Fame, which is a 13-episode show sees eight contestants competing against celebrities for a chance to win a grand prize of N2 million.

While the contest last, the competition will be hinged on the re-enactment of classic movies and TV plays, Rap battles and lip-sync taken from clips of movies and TV shows with a focus on vocal delivery and demonstrative facial expressions.

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A program in a class of its own, the reality show which is inspired by the duo notions of dubbing and acting connect with Nigerian audiences via a wonderful audio-visual feast with the most creative acting.

Actor, Yakubu Mohammed

Blending the successes of the most successful reality shows ever, its add-on is leveraging on their shortcomings and improving on it. Voice To Fame boast of clean visuals, audio, a highly inclusive audience that decide who is evicted and who stays on the show; it is devoid of the desperation to win at all cost, as there is an existing feeling of love, understanding, and togetherness among the contestants.

An engaging show, it also bridges the gap established by contents tagged elitist, as it creates a platform for both semi-literate and illiterate audiences who feel a sense of belonging that Voice To Fame is their show through the language of communication, Pidgin English.

Debuting with contestants such as Flora, D Machine, Nkechi Blessing and Empress Jojo, the debut episode saw Flora as the first casualty of the show reducing the contestants to three and creating room for a celebrity entrance in Kannywood star, Yakubu Mohammed.

Flora’s eviction was followed by that of D Machine in the second episode. D Machine got evicted despite giving it his all. For Kannywood star, Mohammed, it was a case of escaping by the whiskers, having escaped eviction ahead of D Machine with just one vote. The third episode of the show which aired on Sunday, August 11, saw the introduction of Richy. Almost a physical replica of the evicted Flora, Richy gave the show her all dubbing her video and getting an ovation from the audience. However, it wasn’t enough to save her, as she was the contestant with the least vote, paving the way for her exit from the show.

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A show where evicted contestants can return when voted back by the audience, Voice To Fame also allows winning big by downloading the VSkit application and contesting in the VSkit online short film contest where the film with the most likes stand the chance to win the latest Huawei phone, Huawei Y9 Prime 2019. For the contestants, the winning also continues as any with the highest number of vote stands a chance to win the StarTimes 55 inches television, hence the show remains engaging at all times.

Sponsored by VSkit, Viju Milk, Heritage Bank, and Opera News, the next couple of weeks will see Nigerians being treated to pure bliss via the Voice To Fame reality show available to all of the leading digital pay-TV network, StarTimes.

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Toyin Abraham’s Manager, Clarifies Misconception About Actress Marital Status



Samuel Olatunji, the manager of thespian Toyin Abraham has made clarifications regarding her marital status.

Yesterday, pictures of what looked like the thespian had gotten married surfaced online leading to questions about a secret wedding.

Clarifying the misconception, Samuel Olatunji said that the viral photos on social media were taken during traditional introduction and engagement ceremony of Toyin Abraham and Kolawole Ajeyemi which was held on July 14. He further revealed that she is only engaged to Kolawole and not married to him.

“I don’t know where the information in those reports came from, but Toyin and Kolawole only just got engaged the traditional way. This is not the same thing as being officially married,” he told Punch.

Recall that Abraham’s marriage to Nollywood actor Adeniyi Johnson crashed in 2015. She insinuated a new man in her life when she deleted all the photos on her Instagram page apart from one.

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