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Nigerian Are Now Used To Suffering-Simi




Singer and songwriter, Simi, has shared her thoughts on the ongoing bad government protest in the country.

Reacting to the situation, the ‘No Longer Beneficial’ singer said that Nigerians are now used to suffering as if it is normal.

Urging government officials not capable of doing their jobs to resign, she highlighted the deplorable sectors in the country, pointing out that it is only wickedness that will make a leader see his or her people suffering and still sleep at night.

Simi who tweeted via her personal handle said, “You begged people to vote for you and then you looked away.

“Anything you accept for the Nigerian people should be something you would also accept for yourself and your children. That’s what a true leader is.

“The impunity is disgusting. People will continue to do whatever you let them get away with. Even if these damn leaders don’t have a conscience, don’t they have sense? Rubbish!”

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