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Nelson Mandela’s Day: Princewill Political Associates (PPA) call on governments to eliminate poverty



Mr Emmanuel Dagogo, the new National coordinator of the renowned Princewiil Political Associates has called on governments to strive to eliminate poverty and any coloration of injustice as a tribute to the late icon.
Mr. Dagogo in a statement dispatched to journalists today in Port Harcourt said poverty is an ill wind that blows nobody any good as is the case with injustice, no matter where it springs its ugly head.
“Poverty and injustice are like twin dragons the spew flames of negative impacts and as such concerted efforts are needed for them to be eradicated” Dagogo said. According to him, “as the world commemorates 18th July – being International Nelson Mandela Day, it behoves men of good virtue across the globe to borrow a leaf from this rare legend of Africa when he said, “Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice.”
Mr. Dagogo said that, “The research shows that 14 out of 18 countries where poverty is rising are in Africa, adding that if current rates persist, 90% of the world’s poorest will be living on the continent by 2030. Nigeria is a victim of two things – our steady population growth on one hand versus our reduced economic growth on the other. Past policies put us here. So to get us out of here and put us on part of sustainable development,it goes without saying we need futuristic policies that will take care of the issues of poverty, unemployment and inequality. We believe the Buhari administration can deliver on that.

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