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South Africa Election: ANC Loses Parliamentary Majority After Ignoring Primate Ayodele’s Warnings




The ruling party in South Africa, African National Congress (ANC) has lost its majority in the parliament for the first time in thirty years since the party has been in power.

The parliamentary election that was held in South Africa last week ended the reign of the ANC; the party which has always gotten more than 50% of total votes in elections struggled to have 40%.

The ANC, once led by Nelson Mandela, won 159 seats in the 400-seat parliament in Wednesday’s election, down from 230 in the previous assembly.

The humbling defeat no doubt underscores the effect of ignoring divine warnings especially by African leaders who don’t regard prophets. President Cyril Ramaphosa had been warned several times by Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele about the outcome of the election.

Primate Ayodele, who warned the President through press statements shared on several online newspapers and video interviews shared in the media, maintained that President Ramaphosa would lose majority in the house if he underrated opposition leaders like Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema.

In one of the statements, Primate Ayodele made it known that Ramaphosa would be betrayed by some of his followers in the election.

‘’South Africa: If the president underrates Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema, he will be disappointed. He will be betrayed by some of his followers in the election. King Zulu must be prayerful for good health. He will be attacked but will escape it. He will be faced with so many crises. Let’s pray against killings, earthquakes, and mining accidents in South Africa. A major problem awaits the country.’’

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In another warning which featured on the prophet’s 2024 prophecies which were released in December 2023, Primate Ayodele stated that there will be a political coup against the ruling party and that the majority of voters will be opposed to the second coming of Cyril Ramaphosa. Interestingly, the loss of majority in the parliament has conspicuously mirrored the prophecy of Primate Ayodele.

‘’SOUTH AFRICAN ELECTION: The spirit of God says the Opposition and the people will kick against the present government except there is a change in strategy on the part of the Cyril Ramaphosa. I foresee the possibility of plotting a political Coup against the ruling party except the President turns a new leaf. I foresee majority of the voters will be opposed to the second coming of Cyril Ramaphosa.’’

Some months ago during an interview with Punch Newspaper, Primate Ayodele categorically stated that President Ramaphosa and his party would lose majority in the house after the election.


‘’In South Africa, the president will lose the majority in the House. Ramaphosa will lose the majority in the house, so that seat is shaking; so when I say this, I’m talking outside the country. Now they have not done their elections.’’

In several videos which have been compiled, Primate Ayodele could be seen prophesying as far back as 2022 that President Cyril Ramaphosa would have issues in maintaining a majority in the parliament and as President, he will have serious issues returning for his second term.

No doubt, this is a historic loss for the ANC but if they had listened, there may have been some sort of repair before the election but sadly, President Ramaphosa continued to score more goals for the opposition which led to an eventual loss of majority instead of listening to the prophecy of Primate Ayodele.

The negligence of President Ramaphosa is akin to that of Ex-president George Weah of Liberia who totally ignored the prophecy of Primate Ayodele before the last presidential election that removed him from position. Primate Ayodele warned him eight times regarding the election and what he should do to retain his seat but unfortunately, he lost due to disregard for prophetic revelation.


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