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My wife is the best script writers in Nollywood-Yemi Blaq



Yemi Blaq

Yemi Blaq

Actor, Yemi Blaq was recently spotted in a movie location titled Eko the blessing of Olofin. In this interview with our REPORTER, he speaks about the movie, his wife and more.

You have been away from the movie scene for a while, what has been happening to you?

A lot has been happening. However, to answer your question, I have gotten to the stage where everything I do will speak for me in years to come. As such, I have been quite selective about the scripts I pick and the jobs I decide to do.

So you are selective?

Some actors take every job that comes their way. They also play any role they see, but I don’t. I have my standard and I don’t go below that. I don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.  I just finished shooting a movie in Benin alongside Rita Dominic and Joseph Benjamin. I am also going to Ghana to shoot another one after this production. I don’t sacrifice my brand for quantity. I want to leave a good legacy in this industry when I decide it is time to move on.

What then has made you take this script?

The hallmark of my person is quality. I took a stand that I will only accept good scripts. At this time and period of my career, I will only be identified with quality stories. I don’t joke with my standard. This movie, is one in which I can beat my chest and endorse. It is a movie that will cart away several awards and people will start asking if it is the only flick in town.

What was your reaction when the production manager called you up for the job?

I was curious of course, but when I read the script and saw the quality of cast involved, I agreed to take part in it.

Your wife is also in the movie industry; tell us a little about her

Without blowing her trumpet, she is one of the best scriptwriters in the movie industry. She wrote the film, The Distance Between. If you go to the archives you will find it there. It was directed by Uzo Ojukwu and starred myself, Rita Dominic and Mercy Johnson. The movie was shot in 2007 and it was an amazing piece of work. What I am telling you about my wife is a professional statement and not based on emotion, but fact. She is the best writer in Nollywood.

You seem to be very proud of her, how did you meet?

We met on the set of a movie. It was years back when she was shooting a movie titled Growing Up. We were friends for a while before we went into a serious relationship.

How has it been so far?

We are fine today as a couple and I thank God. We have been together for eight years now.

Tell us about your marriage?

It has been very interesting. We are both an engaging and evolving couple. We evolve every day.

You interpret a lot of romantic roles, is your wife not worried about the ladies you mingle with?

She is not.  When she wrote the script for one of her films, the character I was to play was very romantic. I was paired with Mercy Johnson .We were cautious but she put her feet down and said we have to make it look very real. She once scolded me to make sure I kiss properly on set in order to make the scene more convincing. She knows once am on set, I love to play my role very well.  I am a professional to the core. Whatever I do on set is not because I am involved with the lady, but because I am a professional and that means I have to make it look real.

Have you ever been involved with another woman outside your matrimony?

That I have a mature and understanding woman does not give me the liberty for exploration. Having adventure with another woman is very dangerous. If I get involved with another woman outside the set, I have a serious query to answer.

Tell us about the role you will be playing in this movie

I interpreted the role of a warlord in the movie, Eko, the blessing of Olofin. When it is eventually finished it will be a movie to watch out for and it will also create a trend in the industry called Nollywood. I am staking my name and integrity on it. It is also a historical movie, which will set the record straight about the history of Lagos state.

You are more popular with English movies, how will you cope in a flick where you will have to speak Yoruba?

I am a Yoruba man to the core. I can communicate effectively and the fact that I have not done too many Yoruba movies doesn’t mean I can’t communicate. It is not an issue; besides I have a good director in Femi Bright.


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