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Cynthia Morgan Confesses: Good guys like bad girls like me



Northside Music Inc artiste, Cynthia Morgan

Northside Music Inc artiste, Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia Morgan is a fast rising artiste signed on Jude Okoye’s Northside Music Inc. In this interview with our REPORTER, she talks about her music and her relationship with Jude Okoye.

 How did music start for you?

Music has always been a part of my life. I grew up with music because I was exposed to it at a very young age due to the nature of the family I come from. I started music when I was about seven years. I went from the children’s choir to the agape choir and then the youth choir and the Christian union choir. I started putting music out at the age of 16. I released my debut single with General Pype titled Dotty Stepping at the age of 17 and I am still keeping it real.

At what point did you become the first lady of Northside Music Inc?

I signed my contract with them last year August.

How did the relationship start?

P-Square actually brought me into the family. After my collaboration with Jyhbo in the song Run their Mouth I became quite popular and they were wondering who this young talented girl was. P-Square became a big fan and finally I met them with Jude in Atlanta in 2012.  That was how the relationship started, but later my manager called me to say that Jude wanted to sign me to his record label and for him to want me means much because I knew he had said he was not going to do anything with any artiste again after the whole issue with May D.

When an artiste signs a contract with a record label it usually comes with some incentives, how come you didn’t get any?

I signed a different kind of contract. A lot of people would be interested in the cars, houses and other things, but I was more concerned about the platform. Getting a car, houses and lounging doesn’t mean you would blow in the industry because it doesn’t mean you would be well placed. Besides, at the end of the day you could get carried away by the glamour. The freebies came with the contract, but I said no because you will still have to pay back. It is better for me to work hard and get what I want myself.

You seem to be insinuating that you are not materialistic?

Of course I am materialistic, every human being is, but when you know where you are going you chose not to look at the things that come in a flash.

It’s been almost a year since you singed, how has it been?

It’s been great and real fun. It’s a big step in my career because I have done two videos and everybody is talking about a new topic in Nigeria which is Cynthia Morgan, so it’s been great. I don’t have any regret.

How do you react to been tagged ‘all sexy with little brain’?

People do have their own opinion, but majorly in the industry people see me for my talent. It is just recently that they started seeing the sexy side of me. The basic fact is that people will try to bring you down at all cost, but it is not a problem because those who should know that I am talented are aware. My friends know that I am talented. Those who use to think it’s a little bit of talent and a whole lot of sexiness are getting to understand that it is actually the other way round a little bit of sexiness with a whole lot of brain.

How do you manage the negative comments which come from showing off body parts in the name of being sexy?

There have been several kind of attention since the sexy part of me started coming out. Some people will like what you do, others will say you are a bad girl; just like Olamide said in his song. But it’s good. If Rihana is the bad girl of America then here is Cynthia Morgan the bad girl of Africa.

Why did you wait till this point to bring out the sexiness in you?

First of all I am a lady, but when I started working with Jude Okoye he felt since I was sexy I should exhibit a little of it. I wasn’t really comfortable with the sexiness because I was a tom boy while growing up, but when he said I should start dressing like a lady I found out that I liked it. It’s all about having a style as a brand in the industry.

Are you enjoying the attention which being sexy is attracting?

Yes I am; but basically I am just having fun.

Are you aware of a skin lightening product called Whitenicious?

Yes, I am.

Are you a fan of it?

No. It is a product everybody is talking about. There are different types of Whitenicious and I don’t know which you are referring to.

A lot of people say you are a big fan of this product because you used to be chocolate complexioned, but have suddenly gone white, how do you react to this?

I have been seeing the product and people have been talking about it, but I am not a fan of it. People grow and I am sure if you checkout your pictures of five years ago you wouldn’t be the same complexion. I was a huge tom boy when I was growing up and I didn’t have time to take care of myself, but when I grew up to a certain stage I knew I had to start taking care of myself.

Was it at that point that Whitenicious came in?

I don’t use any product called Whitenicious, I use Vaseline. If you see my baby pictures you would realise I was never dark in complexion.

There have been insinuations of a romantic relationship between you and Jude Okoye, how true is this?

Jude is like a father figure to me; he is someone I respect a lot. So, relationship wise, there is nothing like that. People are only speculating stuffs because we are very close. I see him like a father and he takes me as a daughter.

Some people would really love romantic relationships with such arrangement, don’t you think so?

Not me though

You have a tattoo on your body, what does it mean to you?

I am a fan of art and I am an artiste. It is all about creativity. I have a gun tattoo and I know that girls normally wear roses and heart tattoos, but I am a different kind of person because I am a gangster and I am Cynthia Morgan which stands for been distinct.

Are you not worried that the gun tattoo might depict you as a violent person?

My tattoo represents violence in music; it’s just a symbol that confirms the image of a bad girl.

Are you really a bad girl?

Personally, I am a very homely person, but in the music industry they see me as a bad girl.

Would this bad girl image help you when you want to settle down?  

It is very simple. Good guys like bad girls.

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