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My wife betrayed me severally-Majek Fashek




Since Majek Fashek returned to Nigeria from his base in America, different stories ranging from his mental state and his supposed drug abuse have been bandied around. In this interview with our reporter, he states that the whole rumour is simply a blackmail agenda against him. He also revealed his biggest regret.


You recently returned to the Nigerian music industry after a while, what have you been doing since your return?

I have been doing some shows and I have produced several tracks which will make up the album which I intend dropping very soon. I have served Americans, now I want to serve Nigerians. The fact that I am an American citizen won’t make me forget my people.


What kind of relationship do you have with A-Plus Record, on which you are currently signed?

A-Plus Record is the label of Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) President; talking about Hajia Dangaji. We are already working together and we have done an album called *****Gangster Rasta***. We wanted a kind of music which would cut across all sects of people. That is what I am giving. The new kids on the bloc like Wizkid, Davido and Iyanya are doing well. I like their music, but it is basically dance music. In America, we call that kind of music, dance. It is good for the youth but not for the older generation. The kind of music that we are bringing out right now is called conscious music and it relates to the rich and poor. I thank God for sparing my life in America. I thank God for giving me songs because it is not easy to be a song writer. You have to get the inspiration. Presently, I have 10 tracks which God gave me from heaven and I have to give it back to Nigerians because they love me and I love them.

Would you compare what you are churning out now to what you used to be known for?

Yes. It is the same thing. It is basically conscious music.

How did your relationship with A-Plus Record begin?

When I came back to Nigeria, a friend of mine called Wadada introduced me to Hajia Dangajia, the owner of A-Plus Record. It is a management company. But when I met her, I decided to team up with her and blow A-Plus Record because she wants to help young people.

On a personal note, how have you sustained your relationship with Hajia Dangaji?

We have a very cordial relationship because she respects and care for me.

How have you been surviving in terms of your day-to-day feeding and accommodation?

It has not been easy because Nigerian promoters are very dangerous. They don’t like the truth. The truth is that I have done a few shows but even at that, promoters like to block my way.


Why is this so?

Because they know that I will sing about righteousness and they are only interested in hearing of love and sex; the kind of songs people like Wizkid do. I don’t have anything against Wizkid; in fact, I like his music, but the promoters know if we are in a concert together, I will spoil their flow. I have done shows in Jos, Calabar and Akwa Ibom but the biggest show I did before the New Year was the Benin Centenary. My mother is a princess from Benin and the Oba invited me to come and entertain them.

There are speculations in town that you are insane. What could have sparked off the rumour?

That was the handiwork of junk press. It was the work of my enemies who were trying to blackmail me. I love the press and as a matter of fact, it was the press who gave me the title of The Rain Maker in the 1990’s. I didn’t give myself that title. It was the press who gave me. There are two kinds of press, the junk press who are hungry and those who know their job. You are not a junk pressman. The junk pressmen wanted to sell their papers at all cost and even went to the extent of blackmailing me. I have a song already for junk pressmen. I called it ***Junky Pressman****. I wrote it in America. That was basically the situation. But I thank my people for accepting me the way I am.

Sometime ago, you were said to have been spotted wondering around Gowon Estate, what were you doing there?

I was living there.

But the speculation was that you were wandering around because you were insane.

It is all the same story of blackmail and desperation to sell the papers.

Do you still stay there?

I no longer stay there. I have relocated.


Why did you relocate?

I have lived in the ghetto and I want to move on to bigger things which I have done.


Tell us about your family, where are they?

I resided in the United States of America for years. My wife who is a businesswoman is there with my kids too. I have three kids who stay in United States.


Does any of your kid have the same passion for music like you?

My first son, Randy, has a computer studio.


You invested heavily on musical instruments before leaving for America, what has become of them now?

Every African wants to go to America, but when you get there you will find out the other side of the country. America is all about struggle. In America, if you are lazy, you will suffer. When I went to America, my wife wanted to come and meet me and when she eventually did, she was very stupid and careless because she left the instrument, which I bought for $20,000 with my brother. That was the biggest mistake my wife ever made in her whole life. My brother began to sell the equipment. The instruments I am talking about can cover a stadium if you want to have a concert. I decided to invest the money, which I collected from Interscope Record on instrument instead of blowing it on women, but my wife betrayed me.


What is the relationship between the two of you like now?

She betrayed me many times, but because of my children I have had to forgive her. We are still together.


Is she still your wife?

She is still my wife.


Do you have her as a wife because of your children or you still love her?

What kind of love are you talking about? A rasta man only believes in true love and that can only come from the dedication of the woman to the man.


Is your wife dedicated to you presently?

Not very well.


Let’s talk about you and hard drugs; were you really into it as speculated?

I never took hard drugs. It is our culture to drink. If you have a guest, the first question you ask is what he or she will drink. Nobody can judge me for drinking.


What kind of drinks do you take?


I drink Remy Martins and Alomo Bitters; I drink the later because it is a cleanser. Once in a while to honour my masters, Bob Marley and Fela, I take Indian hemp and that’s all I do.

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