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Atawewe launches fans club



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One of Fuji music most travelled musician, Sule Adio Atawewe, has added another positive achievement to his already long list.

The gifted artiste officially launched his fans club on Monday, December 30, 2013.


Named Atawewe’s Fans Club (home and abroad), the celebration party, which took place in Ikorodu Town Hall, Ikorodu, Lagos, kicked off late that night and climaxed in the early hours of the following day.


The event attracted many of his fans from far and near, as some were said to have come from their base abroad just days before the show.


In a chat with, Atawewe revealed why it took him so long to take the step despite having spent over three decades in the music industry.


According to him, it happened at the destined time. He also told us that despite the fact that the fans club was launched in Lagos, it is a global phenomenon.


In his words, “it is an all round thing and it is a global fans club that will also be launched in

other countries too, but we have decided to begin here because charity begins at home.”


He also said that the choice of Ikorodu, Lagos, as

the kickoff point was because it was the town where he started his career. “Everything started here,” he said.


When, asked him why it took him this long to have a fans club, he was quick to say that it is not his fault, as most people who have been proposing the idea in the past have not been serious about it until now.


On what motivated the fans club he stated: “I have a lot of fans across the world, but at no point have we harmonised them to form a club until now. The motivation comes from the need to bring together all my fans in the world. I am very happy not for myself alone, but for the team which did the ground work. For them to have sat down and put things together is not a small thing and it means God is with us.”


Asked him if the club is another means of making money for him, he said: “it is all about love. In life it is not everything you do that is all about money, if you love someone you have to do it for real and that is what has brought about this club. It is nothing monetary, but a sign of loyalty and love.”


However Atawewe refused to go into specifics what to expect from him musically in 2014 saying, “I am leaving everything in the hands of God, who I know will use me to deliver a good message,” he concluded.

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