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My Problem With Christianity And Islam-Seun Kuti



Seun Kuti

Afrobeat musician, Seun Kuti, has revealed he has issues with both Christianity and Islam.

Seun Kuti revealed this when asked what can inspire him to be a pastor.

According to the Grammy award nominee, it is his problem with Islam and Christianity that saw him opting for traditional African religion and divination.


“Me, I do juju oh for people,” he said.

When asked if this means he’s involved in jazz, he said it’s not the same thing.

Explaining traditional African religion and how it works, he said:

That’s one mistake people make, they think African Gods are like their hatchet men and messenger like Jesus Christ, No, that is not the point. The point is more about self-alignment and balancing because our life is all about the in-between.”

He added that he is a chief priest but doesn’t “divinate” for the public because he’s busy.

“I do for myself, my daughter… If I have time, it’s a time thing. I’m not like a full time babalawo that’ll just sit down waiting for people to come and see me.”

On Nigerian pastors who make predictions, he said:

Until Nigerian pastors can predict inflation then they can’t see anything. They’re just joking.”


He continued:


What I think about spirituality is to each his own. What I don’t like about Christianity and Islam is that they go to other people’s thing and want to destroy it and say our own is the best, your own is evil.


“That is the thing about Christianity and Islam that is kind of screwed and imperialistic in nature because that is also the nature of the people that found it. They’re the chosen people of God that have the right to go to your place and take your stuff because God says so.”


He added that the Abrahamic religion is the reason for gender inequality. According to him, African traditions did not recognize gender roles. He said women and men performed same roles and worked to earn income until the Westerners brought Christianity and told women their place is in the kitchen.

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