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My Father Would Never Write A Song For Me-Femi Kuti




Afrobeat maestro, Femi Kuti, has cleared the air on speculations that his father wrote some of his early hits including ‘Wonder Wonder’.

Femi Kuti, debunked the position on Twitter on Tuesday, January 15, saying that he had left his father before writing songs such as ‘Wonder Wonder’ which is the subject of discussion.

Reacting to a Twitter handle Okezie Orji @Zieojy, who had made the claim, Femi said: “My father never wrote wonder wonder for me. I had left him then. He never wrote any of my music. He would never do that.”

The singer also added that he was satisfied being himself and was tired of people comparing him with his dad. “I have said it several times, I probably will have to repeat it till I die, I don’t want to be my father. I love him, I honour him, I respect him, but I want to be me. I love being Femi Anikulapo-Kuti and I totally appreciate myself and my being.”

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