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My designs speak volume of me- Funsho Adeoti



Funsho Adeoti

Funsho Adeoti

Funsho Adeoti is the boss of Asiwaju Couture, one of the leading fashion houses patronized by top politicians and socialites in the South/Western part of Nigeria.

She spoke with our REPORTER, about her unique designs, the fashion industry, her mentor and the challenges of the industry.

You recently returned from a trip to America, was it for business?
Travelling is an integral part of my job because I need to keep abreast with fashion trends abroad. Basically, my recent trip was just to garner more knowledge of the job and to see new fashion trends.

So, what trends did you come back with?
We have a collection of new fashion styles and new patterns for the new season coming.

When you say new season you mean Christmas, what should clienteles of Asiwaju Couture look forward to?
One thing about us is that we don’t just design for people. What we do is to read the material you want to design and give you the best that it can produce. It goes far beyond just designing. If a client comes to my couture and ask for a design if I know that it won’t fit that person I won’t do it. If a male client brings a material in I know what will seat well on the person and I give it to him.

Asiwaju Couture is a brand that has succeeded, however some people are still curious about why you relocated from Ikeja to Omole Phase 2, was it for strategic reasons?
We were in Ikeja for about three or four years, but we were not getting the kind of responses we needed. At times, it is not always about money but the personal touch.

What are the challenges you have faced since relocating to Omole Phase 2?
The truth of the matter is that where we are presently is littered with designers, but the truth is that if there are one million couture and you know your onion you will excel. I know my designs speak for me and I really don’t go out to look for customers. What I design for people goes a long way to say what I am capable of and through that we get more clientele.

What makes your couture unique?
Basically, we are all about making people look good and standout. For instance, if you have a special event and you don’t want anybody to wear the same design as you that is where we come in. we are very good at that.

What is your client base like?
I design for a lot of people. I design for Senators, Members of House of Assembly, and high society players.

How affordable is Asiwaju Couture?
We are not expensive. We are affordable, but you will definitely get better value for your money with us.

Can you take us into memory lane, how did the business begin?
The business began 25 years ago. That is how long I have been doing this job and you know what they say about experience being important. I started in Nigeria, then relocated to America, where I continued working before relocating back to the country again five years ago.

Who influences you in the industry?
My mum does, she is also a designer too. Most of what I know today came from her.

What inspires your designs?
When you are born to do something the inspiration comes naturally. I get inspired by different things because even an English dress inspires me. Often time, I look at a dress and I tell myself I can turn this around into something more creative and before you know it it is done. I can pick designs from ten dresses and combine them to make mine without over crowing the clothe. When I see a material the first thing that comes to my mind is what design will bring out the best in it. One very important thing with the job is creativity.
One of the major challenges that your trade faces is the ability to maintain your tailors, does this affect you too?
It is a general problem, but what I do is to put my tailors first. I also don’t let them lack. I give them what they need when they need it. That is the only way you can keep them loyal to you. That is my secret.

What are Asiwaju Couture’s plans for 2014?
We should expect something good because when God is in control everything else is in control, but I know the year is kicking in and we are ready to kick too.

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